Lolo Jones Provides Great Story of Redemption for 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

R. Cory SmithSenior Writer IJanuary 20, 2014

United States Olympic Winter Games bobsledder Lolo Jones poses for a portrait at the 2013 Team USA Media Summit on Monday, September 30, 2013 in Park City, UT. (AP Photo/Carlo Allegri)
Carlo Allegri/Associated Press

Lolo Jones has become known for many things during her athletic career. Unfortunately, none of those are for her triumphs in the Olympics.

But after making the U.S. Olympic bobsled team, the 2014 Winter Olympics provide a stage for Jones to finally break through and win a medal on the world's biggest stage—something that has eluded her throughout her illustrious career.

When the announcement finally became official, a humbled Jones posted a message on Facebook about her experiences and the road that led her to becoming a brakeman on the U.S. national bobsled team:

Had I not hit a hurdle in beijing I would not have tried to go to London to redeem myself. Had I not got fourth in London I would not have tried to find another way to accomplish the dream. 

Bobsled was my fresh start. 
Bobsled humbled me.
Bobsled made me stronger.
Bobsled made me hungry.
Bobsled made me rely on faith.
Bobsled gave me hope. 

I push a bobsled but bobsled pushed me to never give up on my dreams. 

I am honored and excited to say I am on the 2014 Winter Olympic Team. 

Jones has always seemed like a genuine person, but her message to her fans shows her overall commitment to the sport of bobsled. Though her original calling may have been as a hurdler, the former fourth-place finisher and two-time Summer Olympian has risen to stardom in the Winter Olympics as well.

Her experiences with the bobsled team have come a long way since her Vine post following her first paycheck from the team, which she posted on her Twitter account:

With Jones joining fellow Summer Olympian Lauryn Williams, the duo will become the ninth and 10th Americans to compete in summer and winter events when they compete at the Sochi Olympics next month.

The U.S. Olympic Team's official Twitter account reported the news on Sunday:

But what Jones brings to the Winter Olympics in Sochi is a story of hope. While Williams is yet another Olympian to make the transition and should be noticed for her accomplishment, what Jones brings is star power to a sport that would normally otherwise be overlooked.

Though Jones has been successful throughout her career on other stages, most people know her for failing to medal in the Olympics. Outside of those unfortunate finishes, she's also been noted for her humorous Twitter account and making her virginity public.

After coming just a hurdle short in the 2012 Olympics and tripping in the 2008 Games, Jones serves as a symbol of optimism and, at times, even a bit of levity to an entirely different track. With the U.S. Olympic team behind her, Jones has yet another chance at triumph in Sochi.