Please, WWE: Do Not Make Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio an Actual Feud

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistJanuary 21, 2014

For weeks now, we have seen promo videos of Batista's long-awaited return. It has been nearly four years since we have seen the Animal on WWE television, and many would agree that his presence was missed. Interestingly enough, the Batista that we last saw in 2010 was far from a person that the majority of the WWE Universe would cheer.

He was one of the top heels in the company, turning on his friend and former tag team champion partner Rey Mysterio, as well as being involved in a heated feud with John Cena. After being in the WWE for nearly eight years, a burned out Batista decided to pursue other endeavors.

However, like many former champions before him, it is hard for anyone to stay away from the pro wrestling crave.

Batista seemed to have already developed a foe to feud with, as former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio has pulled no punches expressing his disdain for the former member of Evolution via Raw and Twitter.

So with these call-outs and Twitter verbal exchanges, does this forecast a feud with Alberto Del Rio and Batista? Let's hope not.

Since he won the Royal Rumble in 2011, and subsequently lost at WrestleMania 27 to Edge, Alberto Del Rio has been shoved down our throats as a main event star, but has not lived up to the moniker. Yes, he also won the Money in the Bank briefcase and the WWE Championship twice in 2011, but each of those moments are rather forgettable.

And let's not forget the World Heavyweight Championship run in 2013, which led to a lackluster WrestleMania feud with Jack Swagger and involvement in every WHC Pay-Per-View match until it was unified with the WWE Championship at TLC in December.  Very few people know that statistic due to his overall interest from the fans.

Still, WWE has enough confidence in ADR to make him a main event heel to feud with Batista. From what we have seen in previous weeks, coupled with Alberto Del Rio commenting on the Spinebuster and Powerbomb he received from Batista, there just may be some kind of interaction between the two in the coming weeks.

Both superstars will be in the Royal Rumble, so that just about eliminates any chance of a singles match between the two. Then there is Elimination Chamber, in which both of them have a pretty good chance of being involved in the match. So, that leaves WrestleMania. A one-off match on an episode of Raw would suffice, but only for the purpose of feeding ADR to Batista for a bigger and better feud.

There are a number of better options to match-up Batista with than Alberto Del Rio. It made sense to use him as a stepping stone for Batista's return, but we should not have seen any more action between the two following the Powerbomb. WWE has tried many times to make ADR a main event superstar, but he has proven that he is an upper midcard wrestler, at best.

Rationally speaking, the WWE would not have paid a hefty amount for Batista to return to feud against someone who lost consecutive matches to Sin Cara just a few weeks ago.

Please, WWE: Do not let Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio be an actual feud. You've tried many times with ADR—and failed.

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