Breaking Down BSU's Chances of Landing Its Top 5 National Signing Day Targets

Martin Sondermann@@GamedayreporterAnalyst IIJanuary 20, 2014

Breaking Down BSU's Chances of Landing Its Top 5 National Signing Day Targets

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    With national signing day quickly approaching, the Boise State coaching staff is scrambling to sign a great class.

    Head coach Bryan Harsin has been tweeting a lot about the subject:

    — Coach Bryan Harsin (@bryanharsin) January 18, 2014


    You have to admire his confidence, and it makes you wonder what he has up his sleeve. Because, as of right now, according to 247Sports, the Broncos have just 12 verbally-committed recruits in a class that probably needs at least seven or eight more.

    There is also the possibility that Boise State could lose another recruit or two before it is all said and done, but that still doesn't look like it will slow down this coaching staff.

    Let's look at five players the Broncos are looking at, and what the chances might be of at least some of them playing for Boise State.

Troy Bacon

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    Offensive guard Troy Bacon has been a verbal commit to the Broncos for some time now. With a little over two weeks to go, however, there might be reason for Boise State fans to worry.

    Bacon would be an excellent addition to the 2014 Boise State recruiting class, but a late surprise offer from Cal might keep him in the state of California.

    Bacon spoke to Justin Hopkins of 247Sports recently, and his comments certainly show a young man with a lot on his mind. Bacon told Hopkins, "Cal was one of the schools I liked early. I told my parents about the offer and the first thing they said was, walk out with a Cal degree and you're set."

    Bacon also mentioned that he will take a visit to Cal. He said, "I'm going to take a trip with my friend Kennedy Emesibe, I know he's going to be excited." Hopkins notes in his article that Emesibe is currently a Cal commit.

    So, with his parents reminding him of the value of a Cal degree and one of his friends already committed, it probably means Boise State has reason to worry.

    However, Bacon has been tweeting things that seem to be confirming his commitment to Boise State. You would think if he had changed his mind, those comments would have stopped all together.

    It will be interesting to see if Bacon lands on The Blue. He would no doubt be in contention early for some playing time, and the Broncos could use another guy like him up front.

Dylan Sumner-Gardner

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    Dylan Sumner-Gardner has already made a big splash on The Blue, and he hasn't even played a down for the Broncos yet at safety.

    In fact, until national signing day, he still isn't officially a Bronco.

    Sumner-Gardner made headlines when he chose to decommit from Texas A&M and pledge his commitment to Boise State. The big reason he did that was to follow new defensive coordinator Marcel Yates to Boise. But, in doing so, he also became the highest-ranked recruit so far in the Boise State 2014 recruiting class.

    Sumner-Gardner seems to be very solid at this point—so much so that a recent article by Justin Hopkins of 247Sports notes that he is even encouraging others to attend Boise State.

    At this point, the chances seem very good that DSG will play at BSU.

A Quarterback

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    Boise State is in need of a quarterback.

    In fact, with the departure of Nick Patti, the Broncos are probably in need of two of them.

    According to Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman, JUCO transfer Thomas Stuart has committed to become a Bronco. The attention is now directed at the incoming freshman class.

    Brad Kaaya is the player that Dylan Sumner-Gardner has been reported to have been encouraging to become a Bronco with him.

    Kaaya is an incredible pro-style quarterback with offers from several schools including Washington, Maryland, San Diego State, UCLA and Miami. He is verbally committed to the Hurricanes, but is scheduled to visit Boise on January 24 (according to 247Sports).

    He could probably make bigger waves in Boise than he could in Miami, and the chance of being a four-year starter are a real possibility as a Bronco. If Boise State were to land Kaaya, the 2014 recruiting class would be far better than any expected.

    However, at this point, it is still a long shot.

    K.J. Carta-Samuels is another incredible talent, and he would make an equally big splash on The Blue. He visited Boise recently, and only time will tell how it all went.

    Carta-Samuels has a large number of offers as well. Vanderbilt, Penn State, Arizona and Washington are just some of them. The talented pro-style quarterback visited the Huskies just before coming to Boise. He is also considered a long shot, but if the Broncos land him, expect absolutely incredible things.

    Brock Raggio is a name many fans in Boise have probably not heard of before. However, according to Nick Ruland of the Times-News, they might want to get familiar it.

    Raggio is a 6'3", 200-pound pro-style quarterback that has a strong arm and great touch.

    If you watch his highlights, it is easy to see what the Broncos see in him. However, it's not easy to understand why others haven't been knocking on his door.

    There are some issues with his mechanics, but with head coach Bryan Harsin and offensive coordinator Mike Sanford around, this kid could become a very good quarterback.

    Of all three, Raggio is the one most likely to land in Boise. However, there are no doubt other QB's being looked at by the Broncos coaching staff.

    It will be fun to watch. And, in reality, whoever the Broncos grab will be a good fit for the team.