Update on Daniel Bryan's Royal Rumble Status After Concussion

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 19, 2014

Photo courtesy WWE.com

After his huge segment on Raw last week when he closed the show with a stunning turn on Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan's participation in the Royal Rumble has been up in the air all week.

It was revealed last week by SEScoops.com's Michael Bluth that Bryan suffered a concussion at the beginning of the steel cage match that was the main event on Raw last Monday. Now, it looks like Bryan could be in danger of missing the first pay-per-view of 2014 as a result of that concussion. Per F4Wonline.com (h/t PWMania.com), a potential appearance at the Royal Rumble is unclear:

Regarding Daniel Bryan’s concussion suffered on last week’s RAW, the feeling is still that it’s pretty serious. As noted, he was kept off this weekend’s live events and was at home resting.

Word going around this weekend is that Bryan’s planned Royal Rumble match against Bray Wyatt is off.

That would be a hammer blow, not only for Bryan, but for the WWE in general. The buzz Bryan and Wyatt managed to generate in closing Raw last week was substantial enough to surely affect buy-rates of the Royal Rumble.

If Bryan—who is arguably the hottest guy in the WWE right now—is forced to be ruled out of the Royal Rumble, it would significantly affect storylines moving forward toward WrestleMania 30.

Bryan appeared to get through the match unscathed after suffering the injury early in the match—but, per the report, Bryan was "kept off this weekend's live events and was at home resting."

It's also interesting to note that the plan was for a Bryan vs. Wyatt match at the Rumble—instead of them both competing in the Royal Rumble match. Of course, there could be a scenario in which one or both men pull double duty—but as of now, it looks like Bryan may not even make it to the Rumble.

What impact will this have on Bryan's momentum? If he is off TV for a period will his excellent run halt? Get involved with the debate by leaving your comments below.