10 NBA Players Who Are Must-Follows on Twitter

Joe Flynn@@ChinaJoeFlynnContributor IJanuary 19, 2014

10 NBA Players Who Are Must-Follows on Twitter

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    Let's get one thing out of the way right now: The vast majority of NBA players are not worth following on Twitter. Your average professional athlete is not exactly William Faulkner.

    But there are a few NBA ballers who make Twitter fun. Some of them are witty, some of them are melodramatic and some of them are downright crazy.

    Of course, everyone follows the LeBron James and Kobe Bryants of the world, but this is not about them. This is about some of the players—the famous and the relatively obscurewho have earned followers the old-fashioned way: with entertaining tweets.

10. Kendall Marshall

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    Twitter Handle: @KButter5

    Perhaps no player in the NBA has had quite the roller-coaster 2013-14 season of Kendall Marshall, who was waived by the Washington Wizards on Oct. 28, played in the D-League and signed with the world-famous Los Angeles Lakers.

    But whether he's starting in the Staples Center or in some backwoods D-League arena, Marshall is a must-follow on Twitter. 

    As of Jan. 18, Marshall is engaging multiple Canadians on what does and does not constitute a biscuit.

9. Andre Iguodala

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    Twitter Handle: @andre

    There's no denying it: Golden State Warriors swingman Andre Iguodala is old-school cool.

    He's got style, and he's got swagger; he shows it on the court, with his wardrobe and through his Twitter account.

    Just check out that Twitter handle: @andre. That's style.

    And Iguodala tweets with the kind of cool brevity you might expect from a guy with a one-name handle. He needs far less than 150 characters to get his point across.

8. Jared Dudley

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    Twitter Handle: @JaredDudley619

    The seventh-year player out of Boston College is having a subpar season for the Los Angeles Clippers, but that hasn't affected his Twitter game.

    Dudley may not be the funniest guy on Twitter, but he makes up for it with sheer volume and a genuine interest in interacting with his followers.

    Dudley holds nothing back in his Twitter feed, whether it be his own personal movie reviews or photos of how Chicken McNuggets are made

7. Nick Collison

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    Twitter Handle: @nickcollison4

    Reserve Oklahoma City Thunder forward Nick Collison scored three points to his teammate Kevin Durant's 54 in Friday night's win over the Golden State Warriors. But in the world of Twitter, Collison's wry humor won the evening.

    57 is the number. Ive always said whenever @KDTrey5 and I combine for 57 we have a great shot to win.

    — Nick Collison (@nickcollison4) January 18, 2014

    These are the kinds of tweets you can expect from the nine-year veteran—that, and plenty of quotes from movies like Dumb and Dumber. 

6. Kendrick Perkins

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    Twitter Handle: @KendrickPerkins

    Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins isn't much for comedy, but if you're into soap opera-style drama, he is a must-follow.

    Perkins has built his NBA career on being a tough guythe guy you can't push around. But he often takes that very same attitude to Twitter (and Instagram), and the results can be quite entertaining.

    On January 10, Perkins cause a ruckus with a hostile tweet (since deleted), aimed at the Oklahoman writer Darnell Mayberry

    But Perkins doesn't only save his venom for writers. He also expresses his hurt on Instagram when his teammates see a movie without him.

    When Perkins is involved, drama is sure to follow.

5. JaVale McGee

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    Twitter Handle: @JaValeMcGee34

    What can one say about JaVale McGee?

    Is he a genius or a madman, a gifted athlete or the greatest physical comedian since Charlie Chaplin? One thing's for sure: You can't look away.

    McGee is still on the injured list, but you can catch his antics on Twitter, as "Pierre" McGee. That tagline on his Twitter page pretty much says it all:

    Pierre=Alter Ego 6th year in NBA for the Denver Nuggets Innovator of the self RT and of the finger stache! IG:JaValeMcGee_34 

4. Roy Hibbert

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    Twitter Handle: @Hoya2aPacer

    Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert is a veteran of stage an screen, having appeared on the sitcom Parks and Recreation, so you can believe him when he drops pearls of wisdom like this:

    In movies or TV. If a character dies off camera. Chances are they aren't dead. Their coming back in a layer episode/season or in the sequel

    — Roy Hibbert (@Hoya2aPacer) January 17, 2014

    Say what you want about the sixth-year man out of Georgetown, but Hibbert always tells it like it is. He set Twitter abuzz this season when he described, in grizzly detail, his unfortunate accident with Bengay.

    There's never a dull moment on Hibbert's feed.

3. Tony Allen

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    Twitter Handle: @aa000G9

    On the court, Memphis Grizzlies wing Tony Allen is known as a defensive specialist: not exactly the most glamours position. 

    But Allen owns Twitter with his often-funny, often-misspelled nuggets of Tony Allen wisdom.

    Though he didn't make the All-Star Game in 2013, Allen made his presence known online. SB Nation's Mike Prada chronicled Allen's All-Star Game Twitter odyssey.

    When there's a big NBA game on TV, and Allen's Grizzlies are not involved, you might want to check his Twitter feed.

2. J.R. Smith

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    Twitter Handle: @TheRealJRSmith

    Where New York Knicks shooting guard J.R. Smith goes, drama is sure to follow.

    The controversial Smith has made as much news for his Twitter (and Instagram) accounts this season as he has for his play on the court. He reacted to the Knicks releasing his brother, Chris, with this "betrayal" Instargram photo.

    When he set the franchise record for three-point attempts with 17 in a single game (making only five), he immediately took to Twitter after the game to stress that he would gladly take that many shots again.

    And he is known to use Twitter to woo young ladies...emphasis on "young."

    You might not want your daughter following him, but Smith's Twitter feed is too entertaining to ignore.

1. Metta World Peace

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    Twitter Handle: @MettaWorldPeace

    When it comes to NBA Twitter, there is Metta World Peace, and there is everyone else.

    The New York Knicks forward broke Twitter as recently as January 17-18, with a barrage of tweets about his love of Cookie Monster

    World Peace tweets in a language nearly all his own.

    All you extra testoshtrites need to enjoy . i refuse to go to bed in Gangsta PJ's. I like to dream about snow cones and s..t #getoverit

    — Metta World Peace (@MettaWorldPeace) January 18, 2014

    The only way he can make it better is by tweeting in haiku form, for example:

    Extra testoshtrites,

    Gangsta PJ's not for sleep,

    Wish you snow cone dreams.

    Follow this man immediately, before he starts tweeting in a language he made up himself.