WWE: William Regal wins King of the Ring

Jeff D GormanSenior Writer IApril 23, 2008

William Regal is the last person I expected to win the WWE King of the Ring tournament on Monday night.

Until two weeks ago, he was just the General Manager of Raw.

However, he stepped back into the ring on the WWE's tour of Europe and wrestled WWE champion Randy Orton on the April 17 Raw from London.

WWE officials must have liked what they saw, because Regal not only entered the King of the Ring tournament, he won the whole thing.

Regal used his "stroke" as General Manager to book himself in Round One against the lovable leprechaun, Hornswoggle. Regal beat him in about 15 seconds.

In the semifinals, Regal faced Hornswoggle's storyline father, Finlay. These two had some hard-hitting battles in WCW. Regal won when Finlay passed out while trapped in the Regal Stretch.

The win put Regal in the finals against C.M. Punk, and Regal won the match cleanly with the Regal Stretch.

This was a surprise because it looked like Punk was going to win it all. He beat Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy before losing to Regal. 

We'll see if Regal relinquishes his GM title and competes in the ring full-time. He may be in for a late-career rejuvenation like Booker T got in 2006 when he became King of the Ring.