Top 10 Committed 2014 College Football Recruits Headed to the Big 12

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJanuary 19, 2014

Top 10 Committed 2014 College Football Recruits Headed to the Big 12

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    The Big 12 is set to welcome a new set of promising freshmen this fall, as many 2014 recruits will be playing their college football in the conference.

    With Texas undergoing changes under new head coach Charlie Strong, plus Oklahoma not dominating like it used to, the Longhorns and Sooners no longer are the only recruiting powers in the Big 12. Others schools have emerged, with a few elite prospects on this list opting to head to various Big 12 programs.

    Baylor has a pair of impressive prospects on this list, and a big receiver is headed to Iowa State. Still, Oklahoma has a 5-star running back in its class, while Texas has several of the top incoming freshmen in the conference. 

    Player evaluations are based on review of tape at Scout.comRivals and 247Sports.

Mark Andrews, WR/TE

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    School: Oklahoma

    At 6'6" and 230 pounds, Mark Andrews is a 4-star receiver who will likely play tight end for Oklahoma. Andrews lacks explosive speed, but he does show a long stride in the open field.

    The Arizona native has fantastic hands and ball skills, and he can easily pluck the ball with his mitts in a crowd. He should be a solid player in the Sooners' spread offense. 

Edwin Freeman, S/OLB

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    School: Texas 

    Among the first recruits new Texas head coach Charlie Strong has lured to Austin, 4-star defender Edwin Freeman will be a stud for the Longhorns.

    At nearly 6'1" and 212 pounds, Freeman has the athleticism and range to play safety and outside linebacker. He displays good instincts and awareness on the field, plus the Texan can hold his own in the box versus running plays. 

Allen Lazard, WR

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    School: Iowa State 

    Hailing from Iowa, Allen Lazard is big 4-star receiver who is expected to make an immediate impact at Iowa State. Lazard is 6'4.5" and 207 pounds, and he knows how to use his size to his advantage.

    He has adequate speed to rumble downfield when running routes before using his body to pin and shield cornerbacks from the ball. He has great body control when leaping for passes, plus he tracks the ball with his eyes to his hands. 

Justice Hansen, QB

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    School: Oklahoma

    Justice Hansen likely will not play early at Oklahoma, but he'll eventually make his presence felt. The 4-star quarterback is a 6'.3.5", 212-pound dual-threat passer who is an in-state pledge for the Sooners.

    Hansen has quick feet in his drops, as he sets up in a flash before using his strong arm to fire strikes to receivers. He can be an accurate passer when he gets in a rhythm, and he has the ability to make throws on the run.

    Finally, the future Sooner displays impressive mobility to make plays as a runner. 

Donald Catalon, RB

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    School: Texas

    At some point within the next few years, Donald Catalon is going to emerge as one of the best running backs from the 2014 class.

    The 4-star prospect is a Houston native who is 5'11" and 190 pounds. He has an impressive combination of quickness, speed, strength and toughness. He runs with good vision, and he can break a tackle or two after clearing the line of scrimmage.

    Texas is going to love this guy. 

Derick Roberson, DE

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    School: Texas 

    While he is light in the pants at 218 pounds, 4-star defensive end Derick Roberson is one of the best defensive recruits in the country.

    The 6'4" Texan has a quick first step, which he uses to quickly engage with offensive linemen.

    Roberson is stronger than people think, as he can get under a blocker's pads and walk him into the backfield. He displays an impressive surge to close on the ball and also plays with a great motor. 

Dallis Todd, WR

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    School: Oklahoma

    Although he is a 4-star receiver, California native Dallis Todd doesn't get enough attention. The 6'5", 210-pounder looks great on the hoof, plus he has deceptive speed and quickness.

    Todd doesn't waste much time when releasing off the line. He can wiggle around jams, and he can also avoid defenders when running routes. He'll pluck a pass with his hands when he can before using his speed to skate from defenders.

    He will be a hit in Norman. 

Davion Hall, S/WR/ATH

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    School: Baylor

    At 6'3" and 186 pounds, 4-star athlete Davion Hall can do damage as a receiver or safety. He possesses fantastic straight-line speed, as well as solid strength for a skill-position player.

    Hall also has the agility and short-area quickness to help cover tight ends and receivers as a safety. The Texas native is a simply a playmaker who accelerates when he thinks he can get his hands on the ball.

KD Cannon, WR

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    School: Baylor

    KD Cannon is a 5-star receiver who will put up ridiculous numbers in Baylor's spread offense.

    At 6'0" and 162 pounds, Cannon is a blazer who uses his speed and quickness to punish cornerbacks on the perimeter.

    He can get vertical in a hurry thanks to his ability to reach top speed in only a few steps. Cannon also has the quickness to separate from coverage at junctions, and he understands how to settle in holes between defenders. 

    He has good hands, as well as solid run-after-catch skills. 

Joe Mixon, RB

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    School: Oklahoma

    A 5-star running back, Joe Mixon is the top recruit for Oklahoma and the top 2014 recruit headed to a Big 12 school.

    The California native is a speedy 6'2", 195-pound runner who also has the strength to run through arm tackles. Mixon is a terrific fit for the Sooners' spread offense also because he is such a natural receiver of the football.

    He's a running back who not only has the body of a receiver, but who also looks comfortable running routes and plucking passes with his hands. 

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