Chicago Cubs' Win Streak: Too Good To Be True?

Ben BowmanContributor IApril 23, 2008

With the Cubs now winning five straight, it looks like the loveable losers might be for real this year. Derek Lee has seven home runs and 17 RBI. Maybe even more impressive is that in 20 games, he has 30 hits.

The Cubs have eight players hitting over .300, and the pitching is improving. Zambrano seems to not just be controlling his emotions, but channeling them into something positive. Dempster is quickly proving that he can handle a starting role, as he is the first Cub to reach three wins.

So with all this positive this early in the season, why do I still feel like something isn't right? Maybe it's the 100-year drought. Maybe it's flashbacks of 2003, and black cats crossing Santo. Whatever this is, it feels too good to be true.

All we can hope for is a World Series. Is that so much to ask?