Enjoy Video of Matt Leinart and Luke Walton's Scrappy Rec Basketball Team

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 17, 2014

Spoiler alert: Luke Walton and Matt Leinart lost their recreational basketball league game.

We sure hope you didn't have this baby stored on DVR.

Busted Coverage's Joe Kinsey spotted this beautiful video filled with dynamic athleticism, unlikely heroes and a former Heisman winner getting blocked at the rim.

Not sure what we did to deserve such treasures, but we'll take it.

Before we go any further, Kinsey states that writer Jamie Reidy recorded the video. Reidy also runs the Sports Year project—dedicated to "attending 365 Games in 365 Days & bringing wounded veterans to games on their bucket lists."

Day 133 apparently brought Reidy to the Manhattan Beach Rec League Playoffs on Wednesday. That's when he noticed that two players on the blue team had quite the athletic past.

The man wearing the No. 9 jersey is none other than Walton, who last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2012-2013, averaging 3.4 points and 3.3 assists per game in 50 contests.

Most famously, he garnered two NBA championships while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, fitting into the Phil Jackson system as a key distributor of the ball when he was on the court, something he is still fond of (check 1:15 into the video).

The man wearing the extremely loud yellow shorts is Leinart, who last found playing time with the Oakland Raiders in 2012. As Kinsey notes, the former Heisman winner gets blocked by an anonymous go-getter at the 1:40 mark in the video.

First off, we still love Walton. As Reidy comments during the video, "Love that Luke Walton was hustling. This guy made 35 million dollars in the NBA, and he's hustling his ass off in a rec league game. That's so cool."

It really is.

Second, we have to give a golf clap for our boy Pablo. The camera finds this sharpshooter a couple of times, and he seems to be the big reason Leinart and Walton come up short against a bunch of nameless basketball bros.

The other reason might be Team Blue's unwillingness to finish at the rim.

Either way, we want you star athletes to take a good, hard look at this video, because this is what retirement looks like.

One day an older and heavier Kobe Bryant will show up on someone's YouTube account, breathing heavily as he runs up and down the court of some local gym. The mere thought should provide enough depression for the weekend.

Now we simply have to implore a network to pick up Leinart and Walton for some sort of buddy cop show. They could go around solving crimes while playing mediocre basketball.

For the dismount, do you all remember when Leinart was an actual quarterback? Because that suddenly seems like a very long time ago.


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