New Jersey Nets: Interest in Iverson?

Joe NelsonContributor IJune 4, 2009

Sam Amico, of is reporting that the New Jersey Nets has expressed interest in crafty veteran, Allen Iverson. Yes, you read that right, ALLEN IVERSON.

Iverson is 33, and will be 34 in three days. Why would the Nets want a one-time superstar and now a washed-up player in the league?

You'll have to ask Rod Thorn that question. AI averaged only 17.5 points a game and five assists for the Pistons. He had one of the worst years in his career, and even came off the bench at times this year for Detroit.

This is not the Iverson of old who single handily led Philadelphia to the NBA Finals while averaging 31 points a game. Allen Iverson has had a great career and is one of the toughest the NBA has had, but he is most definitely not the right move for the Nets to make.

New Jersey needs to focus on the front court, not the back court. Devin Harris is slowly becoming a superstar, and many have written off Vince Carter, but I am one of the few who firmly believe VC still has it. With a solid up and coming Center in Brook Lopez, the Nets need a solid, good scoring power forward to be along side the youngster.

A perfect fit would be Carlos Boozer, who reportedly has told some close friends of his that he intends to opt out of his deal with the Jazz and sign with New Jersey or Detroit. If Boozer is not the solution, they may have to draft someone at number 11, like Dejuan Blair of Pittsburgh or James Johnson of Wake Forest.

Whatever moves the Nets decide to make, they should do themselves a favor and stay away from AI. Iverson's nickname is "The Answer", but he is for sure is not "The Answer" for the Nets.