AC Milan: Selling Kaka Would Be Another Summer Transfer Blunder

Danny PenzaSenior Writer IMarch 31, 2017

The cartoon-like transfer fees in the newest swarm of Kaka to Real Madrid rumors are a little easier to swallow now than they were in January when he was supposed to be heading to Manchester City.

The fee is still outrageous, yes, but they are still something that financially strapped AC Milan are seriously debating, especially with president Silvio Berlusconi saying that his club has "unthinkable balance sheets with losses of €50-60 million per year."

Despite their financial trouble, is selling their best player the summer before their return to the Champions League really a good idea?

Milan have, over the past few years, become a team that have gone after players who aren't exactly new to the game. They have preferred experience over anything else. Even when they won the Champions League in 2007 they had one of the highest average ages of any team to do so.

Despite adding striker Alexandre Pato before he turned 18-years-old, the theme of their roster is players heading into their twilight instead of their prime. They have been stars in the past and now are shadows of their former selves.

Is the name more appealing than the product on the field? It seems like it.

They keep saying they need an influx of talent, but it hasn't happened. They brought in Ronaldinho, shelling out €21 million. He ended up starting just three more games than he came off the bench to play, and shipped out one of Europe's brightest talents, Yoann Gourcuff out on loan to Bordeaux.

You would think that after the 22-year-old Gourcuff earned Ligue 1 Player of the Year the Milan heirarchy would welcome him back with open arms, right?


Bordeaux bought Gourcuff's contract with Milan for €15 million and now, instead of having a logical, free, in-house replacement if Kaka were to leave, the rosoneri are left with aging options.

Perplexing, isn't it?

The last time there was such a headline grabbing transfer involving a Serie A and La Liga club it was involving Zinedine Zidane. When Juventus sold Zidance to, ironically, Real Madrid, they went out and used the money from the transfer to buy Pavel Nedved from Lazio and Gianluigi Buffon from Parma.

And what will Milan have to show for it? Only time will tell, but all indications that the Milan board is giving in the press right now is that they don't really have a plan of what they want to do or who they want to target.

If the financial trouble is as grave as Galliani and Berlusconi is making it out to be, then how are they going to find a replacement for Kaka? The financial picture they are paining looks like one where they can't really go out and be agressive at all on the summer transfer market.

So, again, Milan might have an old looking side. And now with the Champions League back in the picture for them, it's three competitions to compete in, something that certainly takes its toll on a team as the season goes on.

I'm not sure that makes much sense on a team that is in serious need of an injection of youth and excitement.

But this is the AC Milan management we have come to know and scratch our heads at.