WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Jan. 13

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJanuary 17, 2014


Tributes of both the playful and the sentimental varieties for Hall of Famer Mae Young were at the center of many of the top WWE social media items.

The most engaging WWE-related tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos of the week also welcomed Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame, got us primed for the Royal Rumble and in Ryback's case, made us wonder about his mental state.

With the Rumble fast approaching, WWE showcased some of the match's funniest flops. The top 10 list includes The Hurricane thinking he could eliminate both Steve Austin and Triple H, Edge dismissing Gillberg as well as The Warlord's famous elimination.

The countdown is worth checking out even if you experienced these moments when they first happened.

Many fans are hoping that Jake Roberts follows his recent Raw appearance with one in the 2014 Rumble match. At 57, he's more than a long shot to win, but it would be a fun ride seeing him back in action.

He'd have to rely on guts, luck and of course, his DDT.

WWE posted a compilation of that move performed by names like Raven, Randy Orton, Mick Foley and Tommy Dreamer. It's a beautiful move that has seen several wrestlers tweak it to make it their own.

One of the most-watched WWE videos of the week was the one celebrating the announcement that the Ultimate Warrior is set to become a Hall of Famer.

Big E Langston was not the only one to think ahead for the Warrior's induction speech. With as many unintelligible and unforgettable promos as he was part of, it's hard to imagine Warrior not stealing the show come speech time.

Ryback seemed to be channeling the Warrior as he used Twitter as a showcase of his nuttiness. 

"The Big Guy" insulted the Internet Wrestling Community, Jerry Lawler and anyone who challenged him, tossing out the word "moron" more than Sheamus says "fella." His tweets didn't stay up long. Ryback continues to delete everything moments after he says it.

This screenshot captures some of his work.

Screenshot of WWE.com

In that top tweet, he apologized to fans. He seemed to be referring to a meeting with WWE officials about toning his act down.

Check back on his now-empty Twitter account to see if that stops him from tossing out jabs in the future or if he continues to garner attention for his antics.

It was Young's passing, though, that had the most people talking.

Chris Jericho reflected on her sense of humor.

WWE remembered one of her funny moments.

The company also posted a picture on its Instagram page of Young with Triple H and Vince McMahon, wearing her trademark beaming smile.

Photo from Instagram

Finally, WWE posted a tribute video that reflects on her long career. 

The company has always done a tremendous job with these tributes. Collections of images and highlights like these are generally presented in a classy and touching way. WWE lost a family member this week, but showed a great sense of community in its reaction to her passing.