ESPN Classic NBA Finals Marathon

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ESPN Classic NBA Finals Marathon
Clearly someone who works over at ESPN Classic caught wind of the Hoopennium 1000 hour experiment, got in their executives ears, and threw Hoopennium a bone with their NBA Finals Marathon they aired today giving Hoop a nice start into the video gathering campaign. These were the games that ran today in case you missed them:

1984 Celtics vs. Lakers Game 4

2006 Heat vs. Mavericks Game 6 - the closeout game if I'm not mistaken.

2003 Nets vs. Spurs Game 6 - also the closeout game, in which the Nets held a lead in the second half until S. Jackson went nuts..sadly, if I'm not mistaken.

1998 Bulls vs. Jazz Game 6 - 2 hours of MJ.

2008 Celtics vs. Lakers Game 4 - Nice symetry here as they are starting and ending the marathon with Lakers/Celtics game 4's which were played 28 years apart.

So thats five games or 10 hours for our purposes..all dubbed "classics" which will be added into the Hoopennium bank of film.

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