The Daniel Wyatt Character Helped Further Daniel Bryan's Career

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJanuary 17, 2014


Daniel Bryan may never be hotter than he currently is right now. Much of this is due to his brief tour as Daniel Wyatt.

Impatient fans were outraged with WWE's decision to have Bryan join the Wyatt Family at what appeared to be the peak of his popularity.

Daniel Bryan joins the Wyatt Family to stop getting his ass kicked... only to continue to get his ass kicked. Seriously. No sense. #WWE #RAW

— Chad Mosher (@ChadMosher) January 14, 2014

Now, a babyface run that seemed like it couldn't get any better just reached the next level. Bryan's popularity was never more evident than when his hometown crowd hijacked a recent episode of Raw, cheering him loudly during a segment designed to spotlight John Cena and Randy Orton.

Of course, Yes-Mania is not just limited to Washington. The frenzy has been embraced by wrestling fans since it became the story of the post-WrestleMania XXVIII Raw. This YouTube montage of "Yes" chants was the result of Daniel Bryan's 18-second loss to Sheamus and the subsequent outpouring of support from his followers.   

The support led to a natural babyface turn for Bryan months later when he began teaming with Kane. Bryan's role as the consummate undersized underdog, repeatedly at odds with authority, made him immediately identifiable with the WWE's fanbase. The organic rise of the "Yes" chant further separated him not only from the roster, but from your run-of-the-mill antihero.

When WWE took this antihero from his fans by making him join the Wyatt Family, overreaction was only inevitable.

Much like the rabid Family Guy fans who mourned the loss of Brian Griffin over social media, Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt Family was reviled by Daniel Bryan's fans. 

Much like Brian Griffin, Daniel Bryan returned better than ever. The apparent death of the Daniel Wyatt character stirred emotions within the WWE Universe that turned into euphoria as he shed his Wyatt coveralls Monday on Raw. 

The fact that fans felt as if they had seen the last of Daniel Bryan only made his return that much better. The Wyatt Family plot twist dragged them into despair, only to make them appreciate Bryan more when he resumed pointing his fingers to the sky and screaming "Yes." Never have those chants been louder.

Not only does WWE have Daniel Bryan. They have him back.

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