30 Deleted Sports Tweets You Were Never Supposed to See

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30 Deleted Sports Tweets You Were Never Supposed to See
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Think before you tweet. It seems like such a simple and easy to follow warning on the surface, but for some reason…isn’t. These days there are are far too many people who, for whatever reason, are unable to comprehend basic instructions. 

Whether it be the heat of the moment or a simple inability to exercise the slightest bit of good judgment, there are a surprisingly large number of people in the sports world who have put a foot in their mouths. Technologically speaking, of course. 

The idea that you can’t ever delete a tweet isn’t exactly true, mostly because Twitter doesn’t want it to be. The deletability of a tweet is directly proportional to the audience it reaches. If you have 15 followers, consider yourself the proverbial tree falling in the woods.

You may be jealous of all those followers, but there are many in the sports would that would love to be that tree every now and again. Especially when they say something stupid and attempt to delete it, only to realize it was screen captured and will live forever on the interwebs. 

Here are some deleted sports tweets you were never supposed to see.

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