Summer Rae and the Best Potential Additions to Season 2 of 'Total Divas'

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 16, 2014

Could Summer Rae be a reality star soon?
Could Summer Rae be a reality star soon?from

Season two of hit WWE reality show Total Divas is, of course, due to begin filming soon. Per reports (from F4Wonline via WrestlingInc), the company is apparently looking to shake up the cast.

The nice but ultimately rather bland and forgettable JoJo Offerman may be on her way out, probably to be replaced by a girl with more zest and attitude.

But who would make a great addition to the upcoming season?

Summer Rae is the first name that springs to my mind. She’s shined in her role as valet to Fandango—even managing to make quite the impression while his stock has plummeted.

She’s got charisma and personality in spades, for sure.

Summer Rae, loads of potential.
Summer Rae, loads of potential.from

The former model has even surprised many by turning out to be a very decent wrestler—she’s considerably better in the ring than girls like Aksana and Rosa Mendes, both of whom have been on the roster for years. Some of her NXT matches, with Paige in particular, were tremendous.

It’s not hyperbole to say the valet may be one of the most all-around talented women to emerge in recent years.

Really, all Summer Rae needs to properly breakthrough is for the fans to see more of her. And what better way to accomplish this than giving her a spot on Total Divas? It could be her moment to truly become a big-name Diva.

Could Lee be on Total Divas?
Could Lee be on Total Divas?from

There are other candidates too, of course.

A.J. Lee, as WWE’s most high-profile Diva, seems to be a potential choice for the show.

Of course, many have argued that it would be greatly inconsistent with her on-screen character—Lee has professed on several occasions how much she hates Total Divas and its cast members.

It’s also hard to see CM Punk—her real-life boyfriend—agreeing to be part of a reality show. As he noted to Sports Illustrated a few months ago (via Diva-Dirt), he’s genuinely pretty horrified by the idea of giving up his privacy. It would be totally at odds with his wrestling character too.

Besides, you could also argue that the high-profile Lee doesn't need the additional screen-time, and the spare spot should go to someone who does.

Alicia Fox, been largely forgotten about in WWE.
Alicia Fox, been largely forgotten about in WWE.from

Alicia Fox (remember her?) however, could surely benefit from the exposure and career boost that goes with being on the show.

After placing her on the sidelines for several years, it’s time for WWE to do something with the Diva. Why bother keeping her around otherwise?

And she’s shown enough personality during her time in the company—as well as the brief glimpses we get of her on Total Divas—to indicate she would, unlike JoJo, be quite entertaining and fun to watch.

Charlotte, daughter of Ric Flair.
Charlotte, daughter of Ric Flair.from

There are a few girls in developmental that could be interesting additions to the show too.

British Diva Paige, of course, would be the obvious choice, but what about second-generation star Charlotte?

The opportunity to get her father Ric Flair to make the occasional appearance on Total Divas may be too good for WWE to pass up on, too.

Whatever else you want to say about him, the show certainly wouldn't be boring any time “The Nature Boy” showed up to check on his little girl.

In fact, Flair's presence as a supporting character alone might make the next season must-see television.