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Debate: Should Kobe Bryant Return This Season from Injury?

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Debate: Should Kobe Bryant Return This Season from Injury?
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Magic Johnson recently said Kobe Bryant should sit out the rest of the season given the Lakers' positioning in the West standings. Should the Black Mamba call it a season and come back 100% next season?


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No way!! Return for what? We're in good position for a top 3 pick. If he returns then what, more injuries trying to get to the 8th seed when they'll a...
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At this point, Kobe would help the team more by sitting out than he would by playing. Sit out; Lakers get a top 3 draft pick; pick up important pieces...
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Kobe has too much heart and is too big of a competitor to call it a season. If he is able to play he will. Calling it a season would be a smack in the...
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I wholeheartedly agree with Magic, they are not going to make the playoffs so it doesn't make sense for Kobe to risk further injury trying to rescue a...
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