2013 BCS Championship Game Gets 'Bad British Commentary' It Deserves

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 16, 2014

It took a year, but we finally got that "Bad British Commentary" for the 2013 BCS Championship we all wanted. 

Granted, this is the sort of thing that you didn't know you wanted until you watch it, and then you want more of it. 

For the moment, we will have to be satisfied with nearly three minutes of hilarious commentary spotted by Next Impulse Sports' Kiley Kmiec

The fresh flashback comes from those little scamps on YouTube The Exploding Heads. Comprised of Anthony Richardson, Mark Davison and Ben Tonge, the comedy troupe has been known to drop some awfully hilarious commentary videos on the Internet. 

A personal favorite might be this take on baseball, featuring a game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox that is only slightly more ridiculous than that series tends to get. 

As for this video, it's entitled "Bad British NFL Commentary." Because it wouldn't be perfect otherwise, this doesn't feature any NFL footage nor is it all that topical. 

Obviously, the video is from the opening moments of the 2013 BCS Championship game, one that saw Alabama trounce Notre Dame, 42-14. 

Little did we know that we would get a few more drops of entertainment from that blowout affair. But that's precisely what's delivered with such insights as, "Alabama's fullback has a handkerchief in his back pocket. He must have a cold, but he's pressing on regardless. That's stoicism for you."

We all hate the site of a referee coming out to address the fans, because it means a slight stoppage in play. However, we can certainly enjoy a bit more, "Oh, a man from prison has come onto the field."

Now we are sure the next "Bad British Commentary" is on the way. Might we suggest something in the realm of Quidditch?


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