Miami Heat GM Enjoys a Nice Nap While Team Gets Thumped by the Wizards

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Shh! Nobody say a word, because Andy Elisburg is in a far happier place. 

Sportando's E. Carchia spotted this video of a perturbed Pat Riley taking in Wednesday's clash between the Miami Heat and Washington Wizards at the Verizon Center. 

The man taking what looks to be an extremely refreshing nap is none other than Elisburg, whom ESPN reported was promoted last September to general manager by the club. 

His duties include scouting players, forming a roster that can compete and guaranteeing he gets his daily allotment of shuteye. 

Now if you happen to enjoy the sight of men taking random naps at sporting events, you are in luck. We happen to have another item for what has to be a very niche market:  

That's Jack Nicholson taking the coolest nap in sports. 

If that doesn't do it for you, perhaps you will enjoy Tommy Lasorda fighting the summer heat by dozing off in the middle of a game.


It was just that kind of game for the Heat, their executives and even their fans. By all means, take a gander at the Wizards unveiling of the rather funny "Bandwagon Cam." It's like the "Kiss Cam," but with far more sports vitriol thrown into the mix. 

The Miami Heat are second in the Eastern Conference, but have hit something of a rough patch as of late. They are losers of three straight, including Wednesday night's clash with the Wizards, 114-97. At one point, the Wizards enjoyed a whopping 34-point lead

The Heat are one team you hardly have to worry about. However, this is a perfect time of the season to catch up on some sleep. So consider Elisburg as some sort of genius. 

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