Hockey Player Has Stick Flipped to Him Mid-Game, Catches It Like a Pro

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There’s cool, and then there’s “no-look stick-pass to your buddy cool.”

These Canadian players in Germany fall into this latter category, as they managed to pull off a simple but exceedingly slick feat in the middle of a recent game.

According to Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead, the two men in on the play were Canadian nationals Kevin Clark and Adam Courchaine. They are teammates on Krefeld Pinguine, a team in the German Deutsche Eishockey Liga

The incredibly cool moment occurred after Clark lost hold of his stick following a faceoff.

Seeing an opportunity, Courchaine simply hooked the stick and flipped it back to Clark, who deftly caught it with both hands. All of it happened at game speed, and no, you can’t teach this stuff. 

Here’s a GIF of the assist, courtesy of Barry Petchesky of Deadspin—because you can’t see enough of this kind of smooth operating. These are the instances in sports that deserve to be seen over and over again.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing this kind of teamwork in NHL. Throwing sticks (or any other equipment) onto the ice is strictly prohibited by league rules

A player who loses a stick can only have it handed back to him. If a player breaks a stick, he has to go back to the bench and receive a new one. No throwing or flipping of the stick is allowed, not matter how extremely cool or B.A. it looks.

While I don’t forecast this rule to change, I will say this—don’t be surprised if you see this move replicated in a hockey movie sometime down the road. If it does happen, you’ll be the first to say, “Actually, that does happen in real life.”


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