Update on Jake Roberts' Status with WWE Heading into Royal Rumble

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 16, 2014

Photo courtesy WWE.com

The big twist on Old School Raw a couple of weeks ago came when Jake "The Snake" Roberts emerged at the end of the main event, signing the show off with CM Punk and the New Age Outlaws.

That led many to wonder what Roberts will be doing with the company moving forward toward the Royal Rumble and beyond. Will he be putting an appearance in at the Rumble, like he has teased for so long?

For now, it may well not be happening. Per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via this piece from Marc Middleton over at LordsofPain.net, Roberts' appearance at Old School Raw was a one-off:

"The appearance from Jake Roberts at Old School RAW was a one-time deal. That doesn't mean he won't be in the Royal Rumble or the WWE Hall of Fame but no deal has been put in place for either yet."

It would certainly be a good draw for the Royal Rumble should the WWE manage to get Roberts to sign a deal to appear at the Rumble. He caused a bit of a stir when he returned two weeks ago to drop his snake, Damien, on Dean Ambrose of The Shield.

Of course, it could be possible that Roberts' inclusion in the Rumble could add yet another character to reveal the supposed troubles between The Shield, which may culminate at the pay-per-view.

Or could he aid CM Punk in the Rumble if the numbers game is stacked up against him yet again? Whatever the case, the Royal Rumble is usually not complete without a couple of nostalgic returns.

Photo courtesy WWE.com

Roberts appears to be in pretty good shape, too, for a guy who retired from pro wrestling in January 2011. At 58, he would be one of the oldest to compete in the Rumble, too.

All will no doubt be revealed as we head closer to the Royal Rumble. For now, though, it looks like Roberts' nostalgic appearance on Old School Raw was just a one-off thing.