Stephen Curry Casually Knocks Down Shot from the Tunnel Before Playing Denver

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJanuary 16, 2014

Screenshot via @CJ_Zero

Getting buckets from 40-plus feet? Just another day in the life for Stephen Curry.

The Golden State Warriors guard struggled Wednesday night against the Denver Nuggets, but he appeared ice cold in pregame warmups. 

In a very casual manner, Curry lined up one last shot before heading into the locker room for final preparations.

Standing in the tunnel at Oracle Arena, he heaved a whimsical goof shot toward the rim.

Naturally, Curry drained it.

The ridiculously casual bucket was spotted by Pete Blackburn of Next Impulse Sports, and a perfect GIF of the moment was made by @CJZero.

GIF via @CJZero

Curry hit the shot and then high-fived the ushers—because that’s how he rolls. 

These kind of circus shots are becoming a bit of a signature for Curry. Earlier this week, he nailed a one-arm, full-court shot in practice. 

Again, another cool reaction from a man who knows he has the touch.

Was it a bit of luck? Sure. Could he make two in a row? Probably not. Regardless, he’s one of the last guys I’d bet against in that situation. The man has a knack for putting the biscuit in the basket from distance.

Yeah, yeah—I hear you. You and your friends hit these shots all the time. You could probably give Curry a run for his money in trick shots.

Sure thing, buddy.

My question is, who is the last shooter you’d want to challenge in a long-distance shooting competition? Larry Bird? Reggie Miller? John Stockton? Curry? 

Quality shooters are everywhere in the NBA, but transcendent marksmen—a category you could arguably include Curry in—are rare indeed.

Look for Curry to continue this trend of ridiculous pregame shots. LeBron James has his dunk show, Curry has his carnival shots. Greatness is all about routine and tradition.


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