WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Worst Winners in Battle Royal HIstory

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 16, 2014

WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Worst Winners in Battle Royal HIstory

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    The Royal Rumble has been littered with stars who overcame the odds to become the last man standing. The previous 26 editions have seen the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Triple H win the main Rumble match, etching themselves into history in the process.

    However, for all the legends who have won the stellar event, some did not quite capture the imagination as much. For one reason or another, creative handed these men Royal Rumble victories while others stood on and watched in shock.

    Let's take a look at arguably the worst winners in the history of the Royal Rumble match.

5. Sheamus (2012)

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    Sheamus was on a bit of a roll at the time of the 2012 Royal Rumble, emerging as one of the top face characters in the company after a strong start as a heel.

    His Royal Rumble victory of 2012 is on this list because it almost feels like the WWE missed a trick.

    It will be considered a crime if Chris Jericho retires having never won a Royal Rumble. He is without doubt one of the greats, and 2012 really should have been the time for Y2J to win it.

    However, creative went with Sheamus, and it felt a little bit flat, in all honesty. Looking back, it may have been a mistake to pin a Rumble win on Sheamus so early in his career.

4. Lex Luger (1994)

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    The 1994 Royal Rumble is perhaps most memorable for being Diesel's finest hour at the event, as he eliminated seven men in a stunning performance.

    It is also the only Rumble in which two men were declared the winners—despite Batista and John Cena's attempts to do the same in 2005.

    Lex Luger and Bret Hart simultaneously eliminated each other, leaving WWF President Jack Tunney to declare both men winners.

    Luger's career with the company was littered with largely forgettable moments, but it is perhaps best summed up by the fact that he had to share the spotlight with another guy in what should have been a big moment in his career.

    Perhaps even worse, he went on to WrestleMania X to lose against Yokozuna—and Hart beat the giant later that night in the main event to secure the WWF Championship.

3. Big John Studd (1989)

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    It may seem harsh to include Big John Studd's 1989 victory on this list, but it is one nobody really remembers. Of course, the Rumble was in its infancy back then, but, even so, surely the WWE could have pinned a Rumble victory on someone else.

    The 1989 edition is perhaps more fondly remembered for a dominant performance from Hulk Hogan and the remarkably quick elimination of the Warlord.

    Studd was just returning from the company after a two-year absence, making the decision to give him the victory even more bizarre.

    Then, consider the others who were competing in the Rumble that year. We've touched on Hogan. There was also Andre the Giant, Randy Savage and Ted DiBiase.

    As for Studd, what were his WrestleMania plans for the fifth edition of the marquee show? He would go on to be special guest referee in a match between Jake Roberts and Andre the Giant.

    That's hardly what the Royal Rumble was conceived for.

2. John Cena (2013)

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    This entry may come as a surprise to some, but John Cena's victory in the 2013 Royal Rumble surely ranks as one of the worst.

    Why? Well, it was arguably one of the most expected, mundane victories in the history of the company. It was written in the stars that The Rock and John Cena would go toe-to-toe again at WrestleMania 29, and it was inevitable that the match would be for the WWE Championship.

    The 2013 Rumble was so bad that it even had Ryback eliminated last. As soon as Sheamus was dispatched by Ryback, you knew for certain who would win. Ryback is a guy who will be remembered for coming in second in pay-per-view matches.

    The Royal Rumble should not be about predictability, but that's exactly what happened in 2013.

1. Vince McMahon (1999)

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    The 1999 Royal Rumble was incredibly bizarre—in fact, it was a pretty bad Rumble, and that includes the actual Rumble match.

    Not only did Vince McMahon win it, but the majority of the match saw the cameras trained on McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin backstage as they slugged it out all over the arena.

    The way the match ended was a bit of a poor job from creative, in all honesty. Having McMahon cower outside the ring until Austin had cleaned house and then letting the boss throw Austin over the top rope after a distraction from The Rock didn't really work.

    It pulled a big reaction from the crowd. Austin losing a match he had dominated for the past few years was a big deal at the time.

    Looking back, though, it shouldn't have been done like that.