Kobe Bryant Will Not Be Denied a Title

Heath McGuffCorrespondent IJune 4, 2009

This will be one of many articles I hope to write during the NBA finals.

Don't call me a hypocrite for writing a article about why the Magic will win and then saying Kobe will not be denied a title.

I have neither purple and gold glasses on or white and blue, I'm just a fan of them both.

This one just happens to be about Kobe Bryant and his LA Lakers. Kobe Bryant said this after he and his team defeated the Nuggets in Game Five:

"I've been waiting for this moment for a while."

You can interpret this how ever you please, but I take this in two different contexts.

The first is "I, Kobe Bryant, want another ring period!"

The second being, "Let me show all these dumb ass idiots that I can win a ring with out Shaq! Then when I do this, I will make a damn rap about Shaq and all the people who think I'm not capable of winning without that old man."

Now if Kobe did this, I would not be surprised—but I highly doubt he bring himself down to that level.

Now that I have said what I personally need to say lets get on with the article.

The first reason why Kobe Bryant will not be stopped is because of his killer instinct. He has that thing about him where he just knows when it is time to take his game to the next level.

The second reason why Kobe will not be stopped is because late in the game he can trust on his teams defense to make stops, so then that takes some pressure off him in close games where he does not have to do all the scoring himself.

The third reason why Kobe will not be stopped is because in close games his team will almost always find some way to pull out a victory. I think with a leader like Bryant on your team, he does most of the coaching in close, late games, and gives the Lakers that extra surge to beat teams in late close games.

The fourth reason why Kobe will not be stopped is his game is on another level than everyone else on the court, at all times! The best thing about Bryant's game is he is always looking to make that extra pass, but on the other hand he can almost always score at will.

The fifth and final reason is simple—Bryant is the best player to play the game since Michael Jordan and a few others. He can lead probably any team into the NBA finals and have a positive result. He has experience and a team.

I don't see any way the Magic can account for Kobe this entire series. I think Kobe will come out hot and ready in game one of the NBA finals. He most certainly will be ready to pass and defend.

I still think Kobe can not do it all by himself. So I'm still saying the Magic in five to six games, but just know Kobe Bryant can almost taste the blood of another title. I don't see any way in the world how Kobe will be denied another NBA title if he comes out at least the first three games and puts up his usual numbers and dominates the Magic...

You can think what you want too Magic and Laker fans—but hold on tightm because neither team is going down without a fight. It will be a great series to watch, and I can't wait to see what happens win it is all said and done.

So you decide—who will win the series? Will the Black Mamba capture a title without the presence of Shaq, or will Superman crush his hopes and win his first ever NBA championship? Let me know what you think about Kobe and his dreams!