Breaking Down 5-Star CB Marlon Humphrey's Highlight Tape

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJanuary 16, 2014

Breaking Down 5-Star CB Marlon Humphrey's Highlight Tape

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    Marlon Humphrey is a 5-star cornerback from Hoover High School in Alabama. At 6'1" and 175 pounds, Humphrey's size and length immediately draw your attention to him.

    Upon studying him more, though, it's obvious that this player has advanced instincts, awareness and anticipation skills. Humphrey is an above-average athlete who has a natural feel for the game. He plays with savvy, quickness and vision, which is why he is an elite recruit in the 2014 class.

    His highlight tape warrants a complete breakdown.


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Play No. 1 0:00-0:11

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    Humphrey's highlight tape starts off with him jumping a passing lane by undercutting a route on the perimeter to make an interception. He catches the ball cleanly with his hands, which is evidence that he has good ball skills.

    He then gallops up the field to return the interception for a touchdown.

Play No. 2 0:12-0:22

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    On this play, it appears Humphrey is taking on more of a rover/strong safety type of role. Humphrey displays vision and instincts on this play, as he doesn't even pay attention to the fullback coming around the edge.

    He quickly finds the football at the snap, then he reads that play is an option. His ball skills help him recover the mishandled pitch before he returns it for a touchdown.

Play No. 3 0:23-0:29

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    Humphrey displays instincts, vision and anticipation on this play. Look at how he reads the screen and starts to break on the ball before it gets delivered to the running back. This allows him to beat the offensive lineman's block and make the tackle.

Play No. 4 0:30-0:37

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    Humphrey is a little too high and sidesaddles on this play. It would have been more impressive if his transition quickness was more explosive or if he made the tackle closer to the line of scrimmage on the perimeter.

    He displays adequate toughness and a willingness to fight to get to the football, though. Humphrey makes a solid wrap-tackle at the end of this clip.

Play No. 5 0:38-0:42

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    It appears Humphrey has no issues attacking ball-carriers when he has to. He comes down with force at the point of attack here, as he does an adequate job of trying to keep his head on the outside when making the tackle.

    Watch Humphrey use his athleticism to adjust to his target before making contact and striking.

Play No. 6 0:43-0:51

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    On this play, Humphrey comes away with the interception, but the real evaluation takes place before the ball arrives. He's high and needs to drop his pad level a bit, but he shows easy ability to flip his hips in space.

    His transition quickness is solid, but a slightly better angle in which to close on the receiver would have been better on this play. The pass, however, gets tipped, and Humphrey's ball skills and eyes help him come down with it.

Play No. 7 0:52-1:00

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    Humphrey takes a better closing angle on this play, as he initially breaks to the outside receiver. During the pre-snap phase of the play, however, the 5-star cornerback recognized he had a two-receiver alignment on his side.

    It seems the route combination is somewhat of a smash, high-low concept, which Humphrey plays well by midpointing.

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