Big Show's Feud with Brock Lesnar Will Re-Energize His Booking

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistJanuary 15, 2014

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The fall of 2013 saw the unexpected and, in many ways, unwanted return of The Big Show back into the main event scene in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Along the way, the focus that was supposed to be on Daniel Bryan's rise to the top of the company somehow shifted to Big Show and his plight involving The Authority. He cried, then he cried some more and then he manned up and knocked Triple H unconscious to a huge reaction from the WWE fans.

He completely overshadowed Bryan, and at Survivor Series in November, took on Randy Orton in the worst pay-per-view main event in years. He was slow, out of shape and did nothing to capitalize on the biggest push he had seen in years.

Almost immediately he was demoted. He dropped down the card in rapid succession and found himself teaming with Rey Mysterio in tag competition.

From that moment until the January 6 episode of Raw, he made inconsistent appearances on WWE programming. When he did appear or compete, he did very little of importance, which makes his sudden involvement in a high-profile feud with Brock Lesnar that much more questionable.

What did the giant do to deserve such a marquee match at the Royal Rumble? The answer is nothing, but the match immediately re-energized Show's booking as he prepares for WrestleMania.

It has to.

After all, for a former champion who has done everything there is to do in professional wrestling, seeing such a harsh demotion following such a terrible pay-per-view main event against Orton just a few months back is really as low as it gets.

Working with Lesnar immediately returns the big man to a high profile spot on the card against one of the elite stars in the business.

The former UFC champion does not wrestle regularly, nor does he make regular appearances so to be chosen to wrestle him on one of the few dates he is contractually obligated to perform means something.

Just being associated with Lesnar picks Show up after his hard fall late last year.

He is involved in a marquee match on one of the most prestigious events of the year. He gets increased television time, even if no one is asking for it, and a second chance to prove that he still has what it takes to star in a main event program.

It will be up to him to deliver a performance significantly better than the lethargic and lazy one he did against Orton back at Survivor Series.

If he does that, it is not outside the realm of possibility that he could salvage a meaningful spot on the WrestleMania card that otherwise may not have been in the cards for the World's Largest Athlete.