Roman Reigns Will Seal Exit from The Shield with Royal Rumble Victory

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 15, 2014

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The 2014 Royal Rumble is fast approaching, and it promises to be a pretty pivotal pay-per-view in the history of The Shield.

The stable has taken the WWE by complete storm since arriving at Survivor Series back in 2012. They have tangled with some of the very best stars in the company, but they could well be on a collision course with themselves heading into the first pay-per-view of 2014.

Roman Reigns has undergone a remarkable transformation since arriving with the group just over a year ago, and he has now become the focal point for both fans and WWE creative, as they build a storyline around whether he is the dominant figure in the group.

If that does come to a head at the Royal Rumble, it is likely Reigns will be the guy who turns face and goes it on his own. And if that is the case, he may well do so by winning the Royal Rumble.


First, Some Perspective

Now, this is not a case of a writer simply ignoring all the hype and storylines currently involving all of the other top stars in the WWE right now. There are several other stars who could well go on to win the Royal Rumble—in fact, there are four men who stand out as potential Rumble winners. Reigns is one, with Batista, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk the triumvirate of men who stand as Reigns' main competition.

This is not a writer trying to rule out the other top contenders from winning the Rumble—more highlighting why one in particular has a great chance, for several reasons.


Reigns is Over, and Has Momentum to Win Rumble

Alberto Del Rio, Yokozuna, Sheamus. Three previous winners of the Royal Rumble that all have one thing in common with Roman Reigns—they were hot at the time of their Rumble wins.

A quick rewatch of Reigns' involvement in the six-man tag match on Raw this past week can testify to how much Reigns has captured the imagination of the WWE fans. "Roman Reigns" chants going up all across the arena were a start, but it is also the little things that Reigns does very well.

A subtle mocking of DX's patented hand gesture also gave him a touch more heat—something that is coveted in a heel like Reigns. Then there is his array of moves and skills.

Not only is he a powerhouse in the ring with brute strength, but he is surprisingly agile and mobile too. He does seem to have the full package when it comes to in-ring ability—something creative will have spotted.

The crowds are digging Reigns at this moment in time, which is a massive swing in his favor when it comes to potentially winning the Royal Rumble. History would dictate that.


Bray Wyatt Could Deal with One of Reigns' Main Rivals

We've already touched on the three men other than Reigns who have a seriously good chance of winning the Royal Rumble. But one of them was involved with a major storyline move on Raw this past week.

Daniel Bryan's face turn came much earlier than many people anticipated, leaving many wondering what the next move will be. Well, it is likely that Bray Wyatt will seek revenge—and he may get it at the Rumble.

If creative choose to continue with the Bryan vs. Wyatt angle beyond the Royal Rumble, then it is clear that Bryan cannot win the event. That removes a main contender from Reigns' list of potential Rumble-winning rivals.


Reigns Is the Breakout Star Waiting to Happen

If The Shield do split, it is Reigns who will grab the attention at the Royal Rumble. He has emerged through the pack to become a rough diamond in the WWE—and one who will surely be groomed into a top star almost immediately after The Shield go their separate ways.

His singles career has already gotten off to a phenomenal start, as he became the first member of the group to beat CM Punk one-on-one.

With the WWE clearly keen on ending the allegiance of Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, the only logical option is for Reigns to break out as one of the company's top stars.

That could well happen at the Royal Rumble with a huge victory for Reigns.