Full Preview for WWE Main Event Featuring Kofi Kingston and Curtis Axel

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 15, 2014


Welcome to your weekly spoiler-free preview of WWE Main Event. Here, you will get a rundown of all of the matches set to take place and the possible repercussions.

This will be the second week in a row when WWE will break from the usual three-match format and provide fans with four matches on the midweek show.

The matches set to take place are what we have come to expect from Main Event, and that means mid-card Superstars in matches that have no bearing on current feuds.

Let's take a look at the matches scheduled for the show.


Curtis Axel vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston is fresh off a big win over WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton, and he will be looking to continue his winning ways against Curtis Axel.

This match will most likely be the best of the night as both men are very capable in-ring performers, but the outcome will probably not surprise many people.

After Kofi got a big win on Monday it seems far fetched that he would immediately lose a match to someone who hasn't seen a major win since he re-debuted with the company under a new name.

We've seen this match before, so the best we can hope for is a match with a few good spots.


Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara

This might be the hardest outcome to predict on the show as neither Sin Cara nor Damien Sandow are in the midst of a major push.

Sin Cara has gotten a couple of wins recently, and Sandow has been used in such a strange way that it's hard to tell if WWE sees him as a real prospect. It could really go either way.

This is another match that we just have to hope is good, because we sure won't get any kind of storyline development out of it.


3MB vs. PTP

The Prime Time Players will take on 3MB in a handicap match, but don't expect the wannabe rock group to win just because they have the numbers advantage.

3MB are today's J.O.B. Squad with less charisma somehow, whereas PTP are a team that have the potential to be tag champs someday.

What could be really interesting to see is the outcome, because whatever it is leads to the final match of the night.


3MB vs. Los Matadores and El Torito

3MB could beat PTP and be put into a match right afterwards as a test, but the more likely scenario will be them losing to PTP and then challenging another team out of frustration.

In the end it might be the fans who feel the real frustration since none of this seems to mean anything. None of these teams are in feuds and none of them seem to be contenders for the titles.

Not every match has to lead to something bigger, but it would be nice if sometimes the matches on Main Event were part of a bigger story, but that might be asking too much, because after all, this is basically the new version of WWE Superstars.

Whatever ends up happening, we just have to hope it's at least mildly entertaining.

That's it for this week. What match are you looking forward to the most?


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