The Future of Football-Watching Is Here

The Future of Football-Watching Is Here
David Ramos/Getty Images

The Arena Football League announced on Tuesday a partnership with Sports Video Innovations, the provider of a product that puts cameras in football helmets. 

The cameras, called Schutt Vision, give viewers an opportunity to see plays from the perspective of players in the game: 

SVI was created with the goal of revolutionizing the way in which sporting events are viewed and experienced. Point-of-view video of athletes has long been desired by coaches, fans and broadcasters. With the introduction of Schutt Vision, that desire has been fulfilled. For the first time, coaches, broadcasters and fans can truly see what the athlete sees, in real time.

With the AFL recently striking a multi-year TV deal with ESPN, there's a good chance you will see these unique angles on your screen soon.

Now if we could only get them on an NFL field...

Thanks to Reddit user DoogieBrowser (h/t Dan Treadway of Extra Mustard) for the find.