Report: Top WWE Star Suffers Concussion on Monday's Raw

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 14, 2014

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It was one of the most electric endings to a taping of Raw in recent memory, but it could spell chaos for Daniel Bryan's plans heading into the Royal Rumble.

The crowd went insane as Bryan finally shrugged off Bray Wyatt to revert back to a babyface, before bringing the arena to its feet with the return of the "YES!" chant. However, are reporting that Bryan suffered a concussion during his steel cage match on Monday night:

Unfortunately, we can report exclusively that Daniel Bryan was diagnosed with a concussion shortly after RAW went off the air.

Based on preliminary testing by WWE doctors after the show, it’s believed injury took place early in the steel cage match main event.

Amazingly, the site is also reporting that Bryan cannot remember much about the stunning swerve at the end of Raw, which is a massive shame. It was arguably one of the more electric moments the WWE has managed to produce in recent memory—but there are also further implications.

The Royal Rumble is less than two weeks away. Bryan won't be competing on SmackDown this week—again, per—which leads to debate over how long Bryan could be out of action.

There is little doubt that Bryan is one of the front-runners to actually win the Royal Rumble and headline WrestleMania 30. Even if he doesn't win it, his involvement in the match will be huge, and he will likely be one of the few men left at the end.

It would mean that the plans for the show would have to be massively rewritten—as the Rumble often provides storylines that can go on for months and months.

Concussion injuries can vary, but Dolph Ziggler suffered one during his match with Ryback which was taped last Monday for Superstars—and he wasn't seen on Raw at all this past Monday.

Will Bryan be ruled out of the Royal Rumble match? If so, it would spell disaster for the WWE and their plans for the show. It would be a massive irony if Bryan's work on Monday night was cruelly wasted due to an unfortunate injury.