Report: Major WWE Heat on Ryback Right Now

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 14, 2014

Ryback, should stay off Twitter.
Ryback, should stay off Twitter.from

What can we make of Ryback's perplexing Twitter last week?

As WrestlingInc notes, the star falsely claimed he'd been fired on his official account only to promptly delete it. That got everyone talking.

He also deleted several other bizarre and rambling messages, including one in which he blamed Tensai for "sandbagging" him during one of their matches together and causing him to botch his finisher.

The whole debacle was very odd, and certainly grossly unprofessional on Ryback's part. Regardless if he was joking or not, is it really acceptable to joke about getting fired? Or trash a co-worker for his work in the ring?

Ryback takes the fight to Sin Cara.
Ryback takes the fight to Sin Cara.from

What could have possibly made him think that was a good idea?

It would be nice to think Ryback had learned his lesson, but, as of earlier today, the former Nexus wrestler was still posting rather strange things, even claiming he'd been asked to induct the Ultimate Warrior into this year's Hall of Fame. Quick, someone take this man's Twitter account away.

As Dave Meltzer noted on Monday night's free edition of Wrestling Observer Radio (the comments start at the 25 minute mark), WWE officials were apparently exasperated with the tirade and are fast growing tired of his erratic behavior:

I just heard that the general consensus in the company is that the guy is nuts. If he was fired it wouldn't shock anyone...when he didn't get fired, and he said he did, and I asked around there were several people that said they wouldn't be surprised. ... He's got a lot of heat right now. Even people who liked him don't like him anymore.

WrestleZone also discussed the star's situation on Saturday night, mentioning that his mean-spirited, and apparently unscripted, remarks toward Lilian Garcia on commentary last week, as well as the Dolph Ziggler injury, have also garnered him huge heat right now.

Where is Ryback's career going? Who knows. But it's difficult to see him rebounding from all these backstage issues.