BMX Rider Decides to Rip off Tricks off a Semi Sitting in Traffic Because He Can

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As it turns out, sitting in traffic can be both extreme and very entertaining. 

Next Impulse Sports' Paul Sacca spotted this video on the YouTube tree and plucked it off to share it with the rest of us. 

And it's a good thing, because now we have an answer to how one might pass the time when sitting in traffic. Being an Angeleno, I can safely say that a better part of my life has been spent sitting behind a minivan and wondering how there is a standstill on a Sunday afternoon. 

Normally you turn up the radio to forget about your car jail, but now we have a far better alternative. Sure, you need a truck and the talent that comes with winning a gold medal in the X Games, but at least it's there if we ever want to take that Sledgehammer off any sweet jumps.

According to the report, the man passing the time by showing off his general excellence is BMX rider Daniel Dhers. You might know him from such hits as winning X Games gold medals in BMX Park competition

The 28-year-old native of Caracas, Venezuela is backseat-riding around the streets of Peru for Red Bull in this video. 

We have been stuck behind cars full of kids and raised trucks that block the traffic. We have never been fortunate enough to sit in gridlock right next to an impromptu BMX exhibition, though. 

These kinds of things would make life a little more tolerable. 

It seems as though some of the tricks were performed on a stationary truck. However, there are more than a few instances when the truck is moving. If that wasn't enough, Dhers then leaps between trucks when a second ramp is introduced into the mix. 

When life hands you massive congestion, take your trusty bike out for some epic tricks. 

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