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Debate: Who's the More Dangerous Dual-Threat QB, Kap or Wilson?

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Debate: Who's the More Dangerous Dual-Threat QB, Kap or Wilson?
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kaepernick and Wilson are both young up and coming QBs.  Which one is the more dangerous dual-threat QB?


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if we're talking about the last 8 games, kaep has the edge on wilson for sure. And if were talking about playoffs, kaep wins by a long shot. Seahawks ...
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Wilson. He is smarter, thats what matters. He knows when to run and when to throw. I have seen Kaep make great runs before, but he also tries to hard ...
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I'm my. Opinion I think kaep sat in the pocket per coaches request trying to minimize him getting hurt, now in the playoffs they seem to have taken t...
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I would have to go with K-A-E-P, because he has the most weapons and he Is just more athletic. I Would not sleep on Wilson.my choice, kaepernick.
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They both are really good. I give the edge to Kaep. He is really good at knowing when to run and when to throw. He doesn't turn the ball over as much....
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