Wrestling-Hater Jeremy Kaufman: Why an Apology Is Needed Now!

Martin SmithContributor IJune 4, 2009

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About a month ago I came upon Bleacherreport, a site that lets the normal sports fan portray his or her thoughts on a sport, or sporting events in article form.

The site is getting great recognition for it's highlights on CBSsportsline.com as well as foxsports.com.

After seeing so many great articles, I felt it was time today that I sign up and start expressing my opinion to the world.

To start off, I am a wrestling fan and football fan.

When I was viewing the front page, I came upon the article "Professional Wrestling, Why It Should Be Banned From Bleacherreport." For a second, I was completely startled and knew it was going to be a long one.

Before reading it, I looked at the comment boards, where the wrestling community was going nuts over this.

After I read it, I was completely shell-shocked. I felt like going through the computer screen to look for him, but I stayed calm.

I knew he did this for utter attention.

A trend that occurs on Bleacherreport is that, if a person writes an unpopular or ripping article against a single superstar, a sport, or a community, then the article gets tons of reads. It also gets over 200 comments, and 99 percent of them are against it.

I saw from his comments how he showed his cockiness, and was proud of writing this so he can try and make it the most commented article ever on Bleacherreport.

No, we don't want an overly opinionated article that earns POTD. We want an article that somebody thought out.

He mentioned steroids, and more importantly, said that wrestling is not considered a sport.

But, you forgot something, sir.

To the thousands of people who are in the community, they treat it like a sport.

Of course, we have an idea that it is acted and there are scripts, but what do we treat it as? We treat it like a sport.

People make previews/predictions as to what will happen.

The wrestling community surely produces top journalism standards on this site, so what would be the purpose of taking it away?

If your annoyed by it, don't look at it.

The writer said he knew a few people would be mad, apparently, there were quite a bit more.

Oh, yes—a lot more. Let the people enjoy it. The creators of Bleacherreport put it here for a reason.

They didn't put it up here to waste space.

I do feel that the person who wrote that piece should give the wrestling community an apology.

It will make the case a bit better, and the arguing and bickering could stop.

Heck, people that are not involved in the wrestling community are coming here, as well.

That is all that I ask as new member.

Let the people voice their opinion, and please just stay out of our way to do this.