Chris Jericho's Return Leaked by Canadian Newspaper?

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIJanuary 13, 2014

Chris Jericho vowed on Twitter that he wouldn’t be returning to the squared circle any time soon, but did anyone actually trust him?

It appears that Y2J may have been trying to pull one over on fans (we know he loves to surprise us), but unfortunately his return may have been leaked by a promotion in the Winnipeg Sun.

Wrestling Inc reported that the paper advertised an appearance from Jericho at the WWE live event at Winnipeg’s MTS Centre on March 7.

F4WOnline (via WrestlingInc) then reported that there were digital ads featuring and advertising Jericho for the same event have been found in elevators around Toronto. However, as the report states, "WWE says the advertisement was a mistake and they are asking the newspaper to run a correction."


There are a number of possible explanations for this.

Firstly, the newspaper could simply be wrong. Perhaps the Sun didn’t double-check to see if Jericho was currently an active performer but was keen to capitalize on the superstardom of Winnipeg’s hometown hero.

Then there’s the possibility that this isn’t an error at all and that the Canadian newspaper advertised Y2J before getting the green light from WWE officials.

That second possibility could mean either a one-night appearance in the superstar’s hometown, or perhaps the six-time world champion is preparing for another run with WWE.

Jericho and WWE truly accomplished something remarkable last year when they managed to keep the singer/dancer/wrestler’s Royal Rumble return a complete secret. He then had a six-month run, working until July and having many terrific matches in that time.

Unfortunately, if Chris Jericho returns at this year’s Rumble, it looks like it won’t be all that much of a secret.

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