NXT's Bayley Would Flourish on the WWE Main Roster

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistJanuary 15, 2014

When will Bayley grace the WWE Universe with her presence on the main roster?
When will Bayley grace the WWE Universe with her presence on the main roster?(Courtesy of WWE.com)

WWE's current developmental system NXT is full of fresh faces ready to make an impact on the main roster. From Sami Zayn to Alexander Rusev, there are a handful of talents that are on the verge of being called up to compete on Raw and SmackDown.

In the last two years, only three new women's wrestlers have been added to WWE's Divas division: Summer Rae, Eva Marie and JoJo. Summer just recently started wrestling on a regular basis after acting as Fandango's valet for many months, while the two Total Divas stars hardly compete in televised matches due to not having much experience.

Needless to say, it is time for some new blood in the Divas division. Two NXT prospects that numerous fans have been clamoring for WWE to bring up to the main roster have been Emma and current reigning NXT Women's champion Paige.

Despite her young age of 21, Paige is one of the most experienced wrestlers down in NXT at the moment. There, she has created a cult following for herself and has had great matches with the likes of Natalya, Emma and Summer Rae in recent months.

Emma made her televised WWE debut on this past week's edition of Monday Night Raw, appearing in the audience during a Divas tag-team match. It remains unknown as to when she will eventually be officially added to the roster, but it looks to be sooner rather than later.

However, one NXT talent that is often overlooked is Bayley.

The former Davina Rosa competed on the independent circuit for several years (most notably for Shimmer) before being signed to a developmental deal by WWE in December. She made her debut on the April 17 edition of NXT under the name of Bayley and has been winning over the hearts of the Full Sail University crowd ever since.

Her gimmick consists of her being a "fangirl" and getting excited over meeting Legends such as Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. This persona has endeared her to the audience and has made her one of the most likable people on the entire roster.

That being said, she would be perfect for WWE's PG environment. Unlike most WWE Superstars, her attempts at comedy are more adorable than they are pathetic and would help her get over with the children demographic.

As seen in recent matches against Summer Rae and AJ Lee, Bayley is more than capable of having a passable match in the ring. Granted, her gimmick somewhat limits her in-ring abilities, but she has shown an immense amount of improvement in the squared circle over the last year.

As previously mentioned, I wouldn't expect to see Bayley called up before either Paige or Emma, but she could very well be main-roster bound by year's end. She has all the right tools to make it big in WWE and have a successful career as a fan favorite.

At a time when WWE is in desperate need of fresh faces in the Divas division, Bayley could be exactly what officials are looking for.


Graham Mirmina, a.k.a. Graham "GSM" Matthews, is a journalism major at Endicott College. Visit his website at Next Era Wrestling and "like" his official Facebook page to continue the conversation on all things wrestling.