'LeBroning' Becomes Latest Craze to Sweep the Internet

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 13, 2014


LeBron James has been caught flopping plenty of times over the course of his career, but his most recent acting job was so over-the-top that it spawned an Internet craze known as "LeBroning." 

Let's check out how this trend started, via Business Insider's Tony Manfred:

via BusinessInsider.com

"Tebowing" may have been the most popular "-ing" trend we have seen in sports, but "LeBroning" is arguably the most entertaining. 

Vine has given fans a platform to show off their "LeBroning" skills. First up is Ronnie, the self-proclaimed creator of LeBroning:

That video appeared to have started the craze a while ago, but some are just now getting in on the act.

Here's a more recent Vine, via Jordan Liggins:

Terrell Gayhart goes out of his way for his: 


Hat tip to Nate Scott of USA Today For The Win for the find and BuzzFeed's Rachel Zarrell for the original story.