NHL Playoffs: Bullpens Made Of Ice?

Timothy WCorrespondent IApril 22, 2008

I had an idea come to me as I watched Miikka Kiprusoff get pulled from game 7.

My idea was similar to what a bullpen does for a pitcher.

Have a mini warm up ice surface complete with a net and a goalie coach warming backup goalies with practise shots.

Build the surface by the change-rooms so they can stay warm, stretched and mentally prepared to step into situations like what Curtis Joseph had to do.

It might be hard to actually accomplish, meaning expensive renovations to the arenas, but am I wrong on this one?

Back-up goalies risk pulling hamstrings and groins every time they come in off the bench and how can a back-up goalie possibly be mentally prepared for playoff situations?

I think it would be something better to ponder about for the men upstairs rather than worry about net sizes and all that nonsense.

Lets hear what you have to say, I think I'm on to something here, or maybe this is a dead issue because it was already brought to light?

I don't know, it's just another idea inside of my head.