Steve Smith's Reaction to an Absurd Question Is Everything You Want in an Answer

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Steve Smith has had just about enough of your shenanigans, nameless out-of-touch reporter. 

Yahoo! Sports' Anwar S. Richardson spotted this whimsical tale of an athlete's journey to get through a postgame press interview without killing anyone. 

As you will see, things get fairly dicey when the Carolina Panthers receiver is asked about his rooting interests moments after his team was axed from the playoffs. 

We only wished the follow-up question had centered on his plans to throw a Super Bowl party.'s Kevin Patra has more on Smith's exchange with reporters. Unfortunately, neither report mentions the name of the genius who really wanted to know who Smith's favorite playoff team was before Sunday's deadline. 

In the moments following the Panthers' 23-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday—a game in which Smith was playing with an injured knee—the receiver is asked, "Will you be cheering for the Seahawks against the Niners given how chippy this was today, or do you not really care at this point?"

Smith then has to take a second, as one might when trying to figure out what he is chewing on before he spits it to the ground. He has the facial expression of a very disturbed individual. 

Rather than scream or punch a nearby locker in disgust, he merely goes on a brief but highly cathartic rant. 

You really want me to thump you upside the head? That was the dumbest question, and that's the second dumbest question you've asked. I only cheer for one team. Actually, two teams. My team and my kid's team. Other than that I can give a bleep.

Yeah, but who are you rooting for, Steve Smith?

Not done throwing shade, Smith was later asked what he relayed to his quarterback, Cam Newton, after the game. According to Patra, Smith simply offered, "That's none of your business."

Maybe they were planning their viewing parties for the next week's complement of games. 

The only thing we can say is Smith might be our favorite athlete when it comes to firing back on inane questions. That reporter probably isn't going to ask any more "fan" questions—especially of the newly defeated and obviously dejected who sit in the losing team's locker room. 

Who is Smith rooting for? For you to slap yourself upside your own head. Then he will ask you how that feels. 

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