Mosley Tells FOTA to Start a New Series

The Formula One TimesCorrespondent IJune 4, 2009

MONTE CARLO, MONACO - MAY 24:  FIA President Max Mosley is surrounded by the media as he arrives in the paddock before the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix at the Monte Carlo Circuit on May 24, 2009 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

With Max Mosley stating the FOTA teams conditional entries as unreasonable given the demands they have issued with the entries, he has now stated that they should go and start their own series.

In an interview, Mosley said "We now have a conflict and we will see who succeeds in the end. I say to them: If you want to draw up your own rules, then you can organise your own championship. But we have the Formula 1 championship."

The conditions set out by FOTA include that the 2010 season be run under 2009 regulations, with a possible budget cap in 2011. Another stipulation for the nine entries is that a new Concorde agreement is drawn up and signed by June 12th, something Mosley says is impossible.

"A Concorde Agreement which one receives so late can't be signed by June 12," Mosley said.

With these conditions, Max clearly stated that the FIA make the rules, and FOTA need to go elsewhere if they want to govern the sport.

"We draw up the rules for that. We have been doing that for 60 years and we will continue doing so."

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