WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Predictions: Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at Event

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 13, 2014

WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Predictions: Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at Event

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    One thing we're often guaranteed with the Royal Rumble pay-per-view—as well as shock returns and all the drama of a Rumble match—is dramatic changes in characters.

    The first pay-per-view of the year has traditionally brought us plenty of face and heel switches—as the chaotic scenes that the annual Rumble match provide enable plenty of opportunities for bedlam.

    With some pretty big storylines dominating the buildup to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, the potential is there for some of the company's top stars to enforce huge switches ahead of WrestleMania season.

    The question is, where will the most likely turns come from? Let's take a look and analyze just who is in the mix to turn at the Royal Rumble.

Dolph Ziggler to Turn Heel

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    We start with a guy who has almost fallen off the radar in the WWE since his face turn last year. When the company performed a double turn between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler, it looked to be a smart move that would set the two up for a prolonged run in the World Heavyweight Championship mix.

    For Ziggler, though, things couldn't have gone much worse since then. He has been reduced to sporadic TV appearances, and when he is in the ring, he tends to come off second best.

    Would a return to the heel character that made him so popular be a viable option at the Royal Rumble, then? He is almost certainly going to be in the 30-man match, and it could be the setting for him to reinvigorate his career.

    Ziggler to turn heel once more? Don't count against it.

Seth Rollins to Turn Face

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    How could we possibly cover potential face and heel turns at the Royal Rumble and not mention The Shield?

    Surely their recent troubles are going to come to a head at the marquee pay-per-view? And if they do, which member of the group will it be who enacts the split?

    Perhaps it could be Seth Rollins. At least one of the group will be turning face if they do implode at the Royal Rumble—and Rollins is a guy who could pull the role off pretty well.

    He was a superb NXT champion before he made the switch over to the main roster, and it could be exactly what he needs after somewhat fading into the background with The Shield.

Daniel Bryan to Perform a Solid Heel Turn

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    Arguably the biggest storyline heading toward the Royal Rumble is the one involving Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt.

    It came as a huge surprise to everyone when Bryan created a swerve and aligned himself with Wyatt and his family. That left people asking one huge question—what happens next?

    That question will likely be answered at the Royal Rumble, with plenty of scenarios available for Bryan and Wyatt to pursue. Could there be a realistic scenario where Bryan performs a full heel turn and goes long term with Bray?

    It is by no means impossible. It would add yet more intrigue and excitement ahead of the WrestleMania season.

Daniel Bryan to Turn Face

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    Although it is a possibility that Bryan will perform a full heel turn at the Royal Rumble, it's much more likely he reverts back to being a face.

    Bryan is over with the WWE fans, and it would be foolish of WWE's creative team to squander his momentum by aligning him with Wyatt full time.

    Surely Bryan will end his allegiance with The Wyatt Family by eliminating Bray in the Rumble match? If he does—and it is certainly likely—the reaction that would draw from the crowd would be enormous.

    It would perhaps be the moment of the Rumble—in terms of crowd reaction, anyway.

Roman Reigns to Turn Face

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    People may well be getting tired of all the talk surrounding Roman Reigns ahead of the Royal Rumble. However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that he is likely to turn face at the Rumble.

    That possibility—and the potential for a split in The Shield—was further enhanced on Raw last week, when he became the first member of the group to beat CM Punk in a singles match.

    Is the scenario set in stone for Reigns to enact the split by eliminating Dean Ambrose and/or Seth Rollins? It certainly looks like it, to be honest.

    It would create yet another fascinating rivalry for the WWE to work with as WrestleMania 30 approaches.