Dog Wearing Patriots Jersey Creates Hilarious Pictures

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 12, 2014

via @WarrenTruscott

This dog fits in with the rest of football fans just fine. Not only was he sporting a jersey of his favorite team, the New England Patriots, he was also watching his team intently Saturday night against the Indianapolis Colts.

Here's another look at the dog:

The face of a true fan #PatriotsNation

— Trusky (@WarrenTruscott) January 12, 2014


Unfortunately for the dog, Danny Woodhead's San Diego Chargers weren't able to come through Sunday. Had San Diego won, it would have brought Woodhead back to the place where he exploded onto the scene.

Now, the dog's Woodhead jersey has only one purpose—supporting the Patriots.


Thanks to @WarrenTruscott for the photos and hat tip to Busted Coverage for the find.