Cebu Marathon 2014 Results: Men's and Women's Top Finishers

Chris RolingFeatured ColumnistJanuary 12, 2014

Aug 12, 2012; London, United Kingdom; A general view as runners take off at the start of the men's marathon during the London 2012 Olympic Games at The Mall. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 Cebu Marathon on Jan. 12 in the Philippines was a resounding success as runners took part in a 21-kilometer race, and a more daunting 42-kilometer race, which equals about 26 miles.  

The path through the island was challenging thanks to bumpy terrain, but rain, paired with a 3 a.m. start to avoid the heat, made it easier on the runners and helped to prevent dehydration.

Jackson Chirchir of Kenya was the big winner of the 42-kilomerter race, with a time of two hours and 27 minutes. MCB of the Sun Star reports Jackson attributed the rain to his strong showing:

Julius Kiptalam and John Samoei followed close behind Jackson in second and third place, respectively. Here is a look at the full list of top finishers, via Nera Mariz Puyo of the Sun Star:

2014 Cebu Marathon 42k Results
Runner (Men)FinishRunner (Women)
Jackson Chirchir1Irene Kipchumba
Julius Kiptalam2Sussan Jemutai
John Samoei3Jennylyn Nobleza
Runner (Men)FinishRunner (Women)
Noel Tillor 1Mona Liza Ambasa
Paul James Zafico2Sandi Abahan
Jobert Carolino 3Mereeis Ramirez
Sun Star


2014 Cebu Marathon 21k Results
Runner (Men)FinishRunner (Women)
Benjamin Kipkazi1Jacklin Nzivo
Eliud Kering2Mary Joy Tabal
Simat Isaac3Christy Sevilleno
Runner (Men)FinishRunner (Women)
Arnold Unabia1Amale Jopson
Rafael Pescos2Gella Mayang
John Philip Duenas3Wilma Theresa Lugay
Sun Star

According to Dr. Peter Mancao, only an estimated 1 percent of the 3,000 participants experienced issues in the favorable conditions, per the Sun Star:

It was really the best weather for them. It’s not hot and it’s the perfect temperature that won’t result in too much dehydration. Sometimes, the problem is with the pacing. Because of the nice weather, you also have a tendency to go too fast. You get carried away.

The local category of the men's 42-kilometer race was dominated by Noel Tillor, who ran away from the competition with a 2:44:00 mark. Paul James Zafico and Jobert Carolino were right behind in second and third place, respectively:

On the women's side, Irene Kipchumba posted a 3:12:00 mark to come in first in the open category. Sussan Jemutai came in second, with Jennylyn Nobleza rounding out the bunch in third. Mona Liza Ambasa, Sandi Abahan and Mereeis Ramirez topped the leaderboard in the local category.

While shorter in distance, the 21-kilometer race did not lack for quality action, either.

Benjamin Kipkazi, Eliud Kering and Simat Isaac led the way in that order for the men:

The local men's race saw Arnold Unabia take first, with Rafael Pescos and John Philip Duenas round out the top finishers:

Jacklin Nzivo finished first on the women's side in the open category. Mary Joy Tabal and Christy Sevilleno followed, while the local race was headed by Amale Jopson, Gella Mayang and Wilma Theresa Lugay.

Not every name out of the 3,000 contestants could get his or her name on the leaderboard, but simply completing either race is a feat in itself and is what makes this annual spectacle so special to the local residents and beyond.  


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