Disney World Marathon 2014 Results: Men's and Women's Top Finishers

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Disney World Marathon 2014 Results: Men's and Women's Top Finishers
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In the 2014 edition of the annual 26.2-mile Disney World Marathon race, 36-year-old Brazilian runner Fredison Costa won with an impressive time of two hours, 21 minutes and 39 seconds. 

This was Costa’s third victory at the Walt Disney World marathon.

Marathon spectator Carissa Bealert captured the finish on Instagram:

The Brazilian champion managed to hold off eight-time winner and defending champion Adriano Bastos, who finished in second just 75 seconds off the pace set by Costa.

Here is a look at the top finishers from the men's classification:

2014 Men's Disney World Marathon Top 10 Results
Finish Runner Country Age Time
1 Fredison Costa Brazil 36 2:21:39
2 Adriano Bastos Brazil 35 2:22:54.76
3 Alfredo Arevalo Guatemala 38 2:23:18.36
4 Ben Payne United States 32 2:26:00.88
5 Matt Hensley United States 26 2:26:37.68
6 Michael Wardian United States 39 2:35:22.48
7 Ronnie Holassie United States 42 2:36:53.61
8 Martin Rindahl United States 50 2:37:07.18
9 Alexander Mund United States 22 2:38:27.15
10 Ryosuke Saito Japan 28 2:38:41.09

Source: RunDisney.com

 Here is a look at the top finishers from the women's classification:

2014 Women's Disney World Marathon Top 10 Results
Finish Runner Country Age Time
1 Angela Brito Ecuador 28 2:47:44
2 Brittney Christianson United States 27 2:54:11.36
3 Julie Northrup United States 25 2:59:07.43
4 Emily D'Addario United States 22 3:01:06.28
5 Vivian Oliveria Brazil 32 3:02:14.89
6 Amy Ostrofe United States 27 3:02:16.04
7 Rozilene De Jesus Brazil 36 3:04:04.26
8 Monica Longoria United States 24 3:04:44.14
9 Bo Franz United States 52 3:11:24.97
10 Christie Brodhead United States 35 3:13:01.08

Source: RunDisney.com

Alfredo Arevalo of Guatemala finished with a strong third-place run on the men's side, falling just 99 seconds off the pace set by the eventual winner. Americans Ben Payne and Matt Hensley finished fourth and fifth respectively.

On the women’s side, Angela Brito of Ecuador absolutely dominated the field, finishing with an impressive time of 2:47:44, over six minutes ahead of second-place finisher Brittney Christianson of the United States (2:54:11).

While the times were not overly impressive this year, the warm weather, via FindMyMarathon.com, did not help the runners’ cause. Despite the less-than-ideal conditions, this was still one of the most interesting races fans will witness all year.

To say the race at Disney is unique would be an understatement, with Twitter user Bioreconstruct providing photographs of the festivities along the way:

With a course that traveled through the amusement parks of Walt Disney World—everything from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom—the one-of-a-kind backdrop and eclectic mix of fans from all over the world makes this one of the most unique events on the calendar each year.

Athletes are typically asked where they are going after a huge victory and are expected to respond with Disney World, but for Costa and Brito, the duo won’t have to travel very far.

*All times via RunDisney.com's live tracker.

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