Flyers-Capitals: Horrendous, Downright Criminal Officiating Dooms Washington

Thomas CoglianoCorrespondent IApril 22, 2008

First, the officials called a ticky-tacky tripping call against the Capitals after already attempting to kill a four-minute double minor high-sticking penalty against Federov with the game tied 1-1 late in the first period.  Fortunately, the Flyers did not convert on that 2-man advantage.

Then, the officials refused to wash out the go-ahead goal netted by the Flyers halfway through the second period even though there was obvious goalie interference against Cristobal Huet.  It was a goal that should never have counted.

Next, the officials wanted to be cute and called a ticky-tacky tripping penalty in OVERTIME IN GAME 7 [what morons these officials were!!!].  That gave the Flyers a power play which was converted by Jeffrey Lupal for the game-winning goal.

Once again, we witness a group of officials that desired to get themselves in the score sheet with their HORRENDOUS officiating.  They ruined what was supposed to be a great game.  Do not get me wrong!  If the Flyers won fair and square, I would be the first to congratulate them.  But, the officials tainted this game.