LeBron James Holds Court During Surprise Twitter Q & A

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LeBron James Holds Court During Surprise Twitter Q & A
Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

It's good to be the King.

After a crushing 104-95 double-overtime loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Friday, LeBron James was having a hard time getting to sleep. Luckily, he had some of his 11 million-plus followers on Twitter around to keep him company with an impromptu Q-and-A.

It was a late night for some and an early morning for others, but James opened the Twitter floodgates with a 15-minute window to ask the King anything:

Suddenly, the four-time MVP was sent down a surprising, fascinating path of entertainment talk, family life and, of course, gobs of sports topics.

He shared his two cents on Saturday's NFC playoff showdown:

He let us know that scoring titles are won for a reason:

He said forget his pregame dunk shows, he's always been a fan of the fundamentals:

There is no better feeling than winning a title:

He said the rap game belongs to his close friend:

But another hip-hop hoops head is ready to carry the torch whenever Jay Z is ready to pass it:

He said movie-goers can't go wrong when a Jennifer is involved:

He listed "South Africa, Jerusalem and Dubai" as places he's never been but would like to visit. He said he'll "hopefully" get to Australia soon because he "heard it's great."

He said his favorite pastime is "chillin with my boys," who he's hoping will take up basketball and soccer. Basketball seems obvious, but why soccer? Well, his favorite sports team other than his Miami Heat is the Liverpool Football Club.

He's a fan of Deion Sanders and the cartoon "Tom and Jerry." He "can't remember" a year with this many injuries and thinks it's "bad for the game." That said, he feels that injuries have "absolutely not" cost former MVP Derrick Rose his prime.

He appreciates the game's true dunk artists:

To the point that he'll avoid the wrong part of the poster:

Oh, and yes, he can see his hairline, too. It might be the only time that genetics failed him:

Late-night Twitter sessions aren't always the best ideas for professional athletes.

But this was just another example of James' golden touch. Even on the bad nights, sitting on the throne has its benefits. 

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