The Coolest Photos from the 2014 US Figure Skating Championships

James McMahonContributor IJanuary 13, 2014

The Coolest Photos from the 2014 US Figure Skating Championships

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    Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

    It’s not just the stories that are worth taking away from the 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championships but also the images that tell the tale of what was a drama-filled event full of amazing athletic feats.

    Honestly, it’s really hard for us mere mortals to imagine how these gifted skaters do the things they do, and while we may have some fun with these photos from the past four days in Boston, they really are a testament to the skaters' accomplishments and brilliance.

    That said, enjoy these enduring images of the national championships, which concluded Sunday with the naming of the U.S. Olympic figure skating team.

You Are No Match for My Magic

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    Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

    No, Jason Brown wasn't playing out a scene from Harry Potter, he was skating his way to a third-place showing in the men's short program on Friday night.

    Rocking the rhinestones in style, Brown received an 87.47 for his skate. There's absolutely no truth to the rumor that he then cast a spell on the entire TD Garden. 

You Love Me, You Really, Really Love Me

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    Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

    Talented and beautiful, Gracie Gold sure knows how to play to a crowd. The 18-year-old basks in the glow of applause and accolades following her nearly flawless short program on Thursday night.  

    The multimedia hype machine was all over Gold prior to the national championships (present company included), and she delivered both in performance and style in Boston.

There's No Begging in Skating...Or so We Thought

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    Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

    Looking more like a man begging for forgiveness from an angry significant other than one who had just nailed his short program, Jeremy Abbott pleads for a score worthy of his incredible skate on Friday.

    For once, the judges delivered with an amazing 98.86 that absolutely stole the show and delighted the crowd at the TD Garden. 

I'll Be Right Here When You Get Back

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    Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

    Forget about love, Marissa Castelli has to really trust the one she's with to even think about a move like this.

    Castelli soared several feet above partner Simon Shnapir during this daring component to their pairs short program on Friday. Shnapir rewarded her faith, and the duo went on to win the short program on Friday en route to a pairs gold medal Saturday.

Absolutely Do Not Try This at Home

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    (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

    While most of us would need immediate medical care after trying to pull something like this off, Keegan Messing looks practically comfortable hovering over the ice in a full-on split during his free skate on Sunday.

    Seriously, most men would tear something just looking at this picture, much less trying to replicate it. Ouch.

OK, so Where Are We Going Now?

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    (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

    Just in case you don't think male figure skaters are strong, powerful athletes, we give you this shot of Timothy LeDuc carrying the full weight of partner DeeDee Leng well above his head with only one arm.

    Sorry, but that's just flat out impressive regardless of what Leng weighs (and she isn't telling anyway).

What Did You Just Say to Me?!

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    (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

    Believe it or not, these two skaters aren't actually moments away from killing each other, but rather were on the verge of making their first U.S. Olympic figure skating team.

    Say hello to Maia and Alex Shibutani, bronze medalists at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and adoring brother and sister, regardless of what this photo suggests. 

Yes, Check out All of These Stuffed Animals I Scored in Boston

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    (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

    Now this is why little girls dream of becoming championship figure skaters; it's all about the swag. On the heels of her free skate performance that claimed U.S. gold, Gold celebrates with a few new friends snuggled up close to her.

    A little later she got a gold medal placed around her neck, the real prize of the evening.

Boston, We Have a Problem

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    (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

    No, this particular move was not part of Christina Gao's planned free skate performance on Saturday. That said, this is figure skating, and sometimes even the most gifted skaters fall to the ice at the worst possible time.

    To her credit, Gao got up and finished her national championship performance in courageous fashion.

Come with Me, Come with Me to Safety

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    (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

    Sometimes you just have to man up.

    That's exactly what Pavel Filchenkov did with partner Ginna Hoptman resting on his shoulders during their free dance performance Sunday. While Filchenkov won't be carrying Hoptman to Sochi, this was a solid effort indeed by the skater.

Please, Please Send Me to Sochi

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    (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

    Finishing in a pose that would suggest a plea to a higher authority, Max Aaron skated his heart out on Sunday in an effort to make the Sochi Games. He ultimately came up short in that effort, but not for a lack of trying or talent.