Garcon The Leading Canidate For Third Receiver

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Garcon The Leading Canidate For Third Receiver is reporting that Pierre Garcon is now the Colt's leading canidate for their third receiver. Roy Hall and Austin Collie are also trying to win the spot. Jim Caldwell and Kelvin Hayden are some of his biggest supporters.

“He's coming along, I think you could see in practice today that he can catch your eye. He has the speed, size and strength to be a real fine player. It's just a matter of getting enough experience and getting a better grasp of the system.” Caldwell Said.

“He's gotten better, that's the thing. You want to make that step from your rookie year to your second year. I think he's making those leaps. He's putting in the work and working hard." Hayden chirped in.

Sam Giguere is also considered a canidate for the slot job.
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