This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 11, 2014

This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

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    The Hall of Fame made an awful mess and didn't even bother to clean up after itself. 

    Welcome to another week of misery. Fortunately, it's not that awful brand of misery that includes long bouts of bed rest and the inability to do anything outside of eating huge bowls of cereal. 

    No, this is the good kind, which means you get to follow along, click on some videos and generally laugh at other people for a while. 

    Not a bad exchange for your time, I don't think. 

    As always, chime in with your thoughts and suggestions in that big beautiful section below. With that, let's get some stuff off our chest. 


Not 1, Not 2, Not 3...

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    Dwyane Wade took enough steps to hold his own walkathon for charity, but he was still not called for a traveling violation.

    It's a good thing NBA referees are sticklers for all of those "player reaction" technical fouls that are sullying the league. 

    The above video features Wade taking about seven steps without dribbling during a Dec. 28 game against Portland

    The NBA: where traveling happens. 

Knicks Celebrate J.R. Smith Week

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    J.R. Smith spent the better part of the last week untying shoes, getting fined and generally making a great deal of ruckus. 

    Oh, how we adore ruckus. 

    The posted image is from Instagram user James Curnin, and it features Smith feigning the untying of someone's shoes—not a good look considering the hot water that got him into in the first place. The post's caption reads, "Here's to @teamswish and his dumb security telling me to delete the photo."

    If you are scoring at home, Smith was fined $50,000 by the league for "recurring instances of unsportsmanlike conduct," via ESPN. That's fancy talk for continuing to try and untie player's shoes


Dennis Rodman's Meltdown

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    Dennis Rodman traveled back to North Korea to see his good buddy, Kim Jong-un. This time he managed to completely lose his cool while speaking with CNN. 

    Former NBA player Charles Smith proclaims the trip is nothing more than a cultural exchange, despite CNN's Chris Cuomo voicing concerns that this trip was a birthday present of sorts for the North Korean dictator. 

    When Rodman is asked about his relationship with Kim he devolves into a mess of incoherent ranting. It was enough to make you think he was on something. 

    Well, he was on something. 

    CNN's Jethro Mullen reports Rodman has since apologized and stated he had been drinking before his comments. 


Dennis Rodman Plays the Hits

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    Remember, the basketball game isn't a birthday present for the leader, merely a "cultural exchange."

    Well, here is Rodman and company singing "Happy Birthday" to Kim. Really, the only thing missing was Rodman jumping out of a cake or the entire gang going miniature golfing together. 

Hall of Fame

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    Oh boy. 

    You can't say the MLB Hall of Fame results this year weren't at least interesting. There was a lot of wild and wacky subplots, but here are the best:

    • There was one voter who decided to waste a vote on Armando Benitez. We assume it was for the giggles. 
    • Craig Biggio, a man who has over 3,000 hits and played three prime positions in his career, fell short by just two votes this time around. 
    • Ken Gurnick, not wanting to vote for anyone who ever played in the "steroid era," only voted for Jack Morris (a man who pitched alongside suspected PED users). His ballot left off guys like, you know, Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas and Tom Glavine. Oh, yeah, it was also missing Craig Biggio. 

    The big one, of course, was the news that Deadspin's mystery vote was procured from ESPN's Dan Le Batard. What we found is the only thing sillier than giving away your vote is the outrage that follows when you do so. 

    We have writers who chose not to vote at all and others who decided to make their own statement by patently dismissing an entire era of players, which as we previously stated wasn't quite extensive. 

    Well, Le Batard is now banned for life from voting thanks to his seemingly frivolous act. The reason is that the Deadspin voters weren't given the vote, Le Batard was. 

    Deadspin's Tim Marchman would like to inform you that BBWAA vice president Jose de Jesus Ortiz reportedly allows his colleagues to give him the names he should vote for. 

    Marchman spoke with a source who divulged, "He gathers about 6-8 people over a lunch or dinner, they talk about the players, then he votes by how the majority tells him to vote re: each player. I was part of the panel one year."

    Perhaps Le Batard should have just invited everyone to lunch. 

Hissy Fit

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    We might as well remind you to be careful out there this weekend. While that sentiment encompasses all that you think it does, we also mean you shouldn't take the NFL playoffs too seriously. 

    If you go on a NSFW-language rant like this Packers fan did last weekend, your friend might just capture it all and throw it up to YouTube for posterity. 

    Don't say we didn't warn you.