Looking Forward to Extreme Rules?

mrspunkContributor IJune 3, 2009

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 18:  Wrestler Jeff Hardy attends the WWE and USA Network help U.S Marine Corp Toys for Tots Foundation event at the NBC Experience store on December 18, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

I'm supposed to be studying for my Literature exam...but something caught my attention. We are just a few days ago from Extreme Rules and I haven't noticed it. So I question myself; Will Extreme Rules really be any interesting?

Well, if you consider it, it's just a repetition of Judgment Day...except for one or two matches, so are you really looking forward to it?

I don't know your answers, please let me know, but the one I think I'm looking for is Edge vs Jeff Hardy. The simple fact of having these two together on a ring is good, it's a championship match which makes it even better, and...it's a ladder match!

I must admit something embarrassing, I have never seen these two on a ladder match before, not live at least, but I watched the old matches between Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boys and just got hooked to them.

So, I don't think I even care about the other matches, these one is the one I really look forward.

Maybe I do care about CM Punk vs. Umaga...but it's my first ladder match, and it's Edge and Jeff Hardy in it.

I don't know if Jeff will be able to catch the championship, but I'm pretty sure this match is gonna be THE MATCH!

Maybe all of us have lost our faith in the storyline writers, but I haven't lost mine in Jeff, neither in Edge.

Besides I've checked Jeff's Twitter and he promised we would be amazed...so what you think?

That's me for today, hope you lot are doing great!